8 Signs You Are Ready for a Baby ...


8 Signs You Are Ready for a Baby ...
8 Signs You Are Ready for a Baby ...

Ready for a Baby? Lately, I've been thinking about when I'll be ready for a baby. Are there certain signs that I should be looking for? How can I tell when I'm ready for a baby? Well ladies, good news, if you don't have a kid yet and think you might be getting ready to try getting pregnant, I've got a list of the signs you might be ready to take the next step in your life!

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Emotionally Stable

Parenting is hard. My mom was in this last weekend and we had a lot of heart to heart talks about my childhood and she relived some of the moments that were particularly hard. Juggling your life and a new baby's life is not easy. That is why making sure that you are stable emotionally is so, so important! After all, you want to be able to provide a happy and loving home for your kid!


Substantial Home

Children need to feel at home and need to have a place that feels safe and secure. You don't have to have the American dream home with white fences, but a home in a safe and secure neighborhood with good schools is a must. Moving with a new baby is hard, so try to make sure you have a great place for your child to grow up before they are born!


Stable Relationship

Having two parents is very important, even if you are split up with the father, having a decent relationship makes things easier. Have you ever watched 'Teen Mom'? Amber and Gary are perfect examples of a poisonous relationship for a child. They yell, scream and she has even hit Gary in front of their kid – make sure that your relationship with your baby's father is stable and decent at the very least!


Solid Finances

This is a sure sign that you are ready for a baby, you have the money for it. Babies are so expensive! Think about it, you have to buy formula, diapers, toys, cribs, strollers and everything else that your baby needs to grow up. You gotta have money for that ladies!


Minimum Partying

I can't say enough about this! If you aren't done partying and staying out all night everyday, you aren't ready for a baby. I am obsessed with 'Teen Mom, sue me – for those of you that watch, did you see the first season where Farrah was constantly out partying while her kid was left at home? I'm not saying that you, as a mother have to be locked behind close doors – but keeping your partying to a minimum is a must when you are looking to become a parent.


Support System

A support system will make things much easier when you have a kid. You have to think about, who is going to watch your baby when you are at work? Who's going to be your babysitter? These are questions you might want to ask yourself and make sure that you have a support system that works in place before you start trying to get pregnant.


No Family Drama

Personally, I hate family drama. Every family has it but when you are bringing a new baby into the world, cut it out. If you are going to be having your baby watched by your mother, make sure that you're on good terms with her. Being on good terms with your baby's father's parents is also a plus!


Physically Fit

Lugging a baby's stuff around is hard, not to mention you will have a baby strapped to your chest or in your arms too. You gotta be strong for that! You don't have to be superwoman with huge arms, but trust me, being physically fit when you have a kid makes life much easier!

Getting ready for a baby is not easy. You might think that you want a kid, heck, you might even talk to your partner about it; but looking at these signs, are you ready for a baby? I know that I'm not, but eventually, I do want to have kids. What is some of the advice that you have for people considering getting pregnant? Come on moms, share your knowledge!

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I think this is a very good artical. I admire your stressing of 'no partying'. I can't help but realise that I find myself thinking about these things now! By the way, the artical picture is absolutly adorable.

Omg that baby on the cover is adorable

sorry to point it out but theres only 8 signs :)

Your never truly ready for a baby and it's never going to go how you planned you may have all these things but a lot of people forget about once you have had your baby Depression finances so just because you have these things doesn't mean your ready no one is truly ready for it

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