7 Warning Signs of School Bullying ...


7 Warning Signs of School Bullying ...
7 Warning Signs of School Bullying ...

Bullying goes on a lot more than you think. Many children are the victims of bullying. Sometimes, bullying is what causes school shootings. I believe it is important to watch your child and make sure they are not bullying some other child. You should also learn to recognize the warning signs of a child who is being bullied in school. You have to look for warning signs, because many times, the child will not just come out and tell you that they are being picked on in school – they will try to act as if everything is just fine. Let me give you 7 warning signs of school bullying.

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Comes Home with Torn Clothing

Your child has been coming home with torn clothing and missing books. This has not happened just one time, it is continuously happening. Then, when you ask them what happened, they stutter a bit, then make up some type of excuse, like they ripped it while playing. If they continuously come home with ripped clothes, you need to sit down and have a talk with them.


Has Few Friends They Spend Time with

Most of the time, kids who are bullied do not have many friends. If your child has few friends or no friends at all, then you need to speak with them about this matter. It could just be that they only want to have a couple of friends.


Has Unexplained Cuts

Every week, your child comes home with unexplained cuts and bruises. When you start to notice these signs on your child, you definitely need to step up and do something. This is not something that you should just let go.


Appears Depressed

It always appears as if your child is depressed and as far as you know, everything is going fine at home. Whenever your child looks depressed, it is time to sit down and have a talk with them.


Has Low Self Esteem

The low self esteem level is another warning sign of bullying. I tell you, being bullied really takes a lot out of you, including the self esteem.


Is Moody

When your child is moody, this is a warning sign. When you notice so many mood changes in your child, it is time to talk to them about why they are so moody.


Good Grades Change to Bad Grades

At one point in time, your child was making good grades in school. Now, out of the blue, they have started to bring home bad grades and you can’t seem to figure it out. Could it be that your child is getting picked on in school?

Those are 7 warning signs of school bullying that you need to watch for. When you notice these signs, it is time for you to take action. You shouldn’t just watch these things go on, because it could end up being too late. So, if you found out your child was being picked on in school, what would you do about the situation?

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