10 Original 👌 Baby 👶 Names with Beautiful 😍 Meanings 💭 ...

Our name is one of those things that is part of who we are and carries on with us through our time in this world.
It can change how people see, think, and remember us.
These cute and rare names are sure to lighten up every baby’s identity throughout their lives.

1. KAI

This beautiful unisex name is of Hawaiian origin and it means “sea”. Imagine being named like something as wide and lovely as the ocean 🌊❤️


You may also like Mika or Micah as well.
This one means “who is like the lord” and is of Hebrew origin. It pairs up well with a long list of surnames.💫


This one is pretty common but for a second name it sure adds something special to anybody who has it.
It has a Latin origin meaning “olive tree”. 🍃
You may also like foreign flairs like the Italian one Oliviero or Olivier in french.


This super rare girl baby name adds a lot of personality to the holder and you can use Wen for short❤️.
It has a German origin and means “to travel or proceed”.


This one doesn’t go under the radar with its meaning “freedom” and Italian origin. Personally I think it’s one of the most beautiful names for a girl.🌈 You may also like Frances.


This one-syllable Latin name means “wise or wisdom” and can be used for a girl or a boy. ☃️ It can be written as Saige or Sayge too.

7. NOA

This name is a girl’s name from Hebrew origin meaning “movement or motion”.🍭🤸🏼‍♀️


This one means “life” 🔆❤️and it’s used as a variant of Liv from Norse origin.


This male Latin name means “belonging to the lord”.
It’s strong and adds virility to whoever carries it without leaving a beautiful meaning aside.🔥

10. MILO

This cute and short name with Latin and old German origin, means “soldier or merciful”. 🏹 I think it’s one of the most original names out there for a boy.