19 Valentine's Day Gifts Perfect for Single Moms ...


19 Valentine's Day Gifts Perfect for Single Moms ...
19 Valentine's Day Gifts Perfect for Single Moms ...

This list of Valentine’s Day gifts for single moms can work just as well for single dads too. After all, any single parent would appreciate a thoughtful gift on the big red heart day! From a day of relaxation to a little token of love, anything that shows how much you are thinking of them is all anyone really needs. One thing not going on my list of Valentine’s Day gifts for single moms, however, is a blind date!

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A Day of Pampering

A Day of Pampering This is probably one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for single moms that you could give, and one she would appreciate forever. Don’t forget to offer to babysit for her so she can enjoy that day of pampering all by herself! Single parents work hard to provide for their children and take care of their every need. Parenting is a tough job, so give that single mom or dad you know a much needed break with a day at the spa.


Play Date Dinner

Play Date Dinner When was the last time your single mom friend went out to dinner at a nice restaurant? No need for her to worry about getting a babysitter; this is a play date dinner that includes the kids. Don’t make her feel like the third wheel though; make this a ladies-only date and leave your significant other at home.


Gift for Two

Gift for Two A nice Valentine’s Day gift idea for your single mom or dad friend would be something that includes the parent and their child. It could be tickets to see a movie, to an amusement park, or even a day at the local children’s museum. Any parent’s first priority is always their children, so a gift that is for the two of them will always go over big.


Gift Cards

Gift Cards Whether it’s a gift card to shop for clothes or a gift card to the grocery store, a single parent will love either one. They will especially love the gift card to their favorite clothing store; most of the time the last person a parent thinks of is themselves, especially when they are a single parent.


Bath Gift Set

Bath Gift Set If you are on a budget yourself and can’t afford to gift a spa day to your single mom friend, the next best thing is a bath gift set they can enjoy at home. I love the sets at Bath & Body Works, which usually include shower gel, body lotion, and a fragrance.



Babysit I mentioned before about babysitting for her when she goes out to enjoy the spa day you bought for her, but what about just giving her the gift of babysitting? Sometimes a parent needs a day all to themselves, so extend your babysitting offer and make it a sleepover at your house so she can have a day and night of peace and quiet to enjoy at home. This is one gift that will work for any holiday and not just for Valentine’s Day.



Surprise Another wonderful gift idea would be to surprise her with something she has always wanted but would never purchase for herself. Is there a girls-only trip planned that she couldn’t afford a plane ticket for or a weekend getaway that you would love for her to join? Have everyone chip in for her and surprise her on Valentine’s Day, she will be overjoyed!



Photos If the single mother you're buying a gift for is your own mom, she will love any gift that has your face on it. Find a website that will personalize gifts like a blanket or pillow, and have them put a photo of your family on it. If you don't have enough time to go through the trouble, just buy a pretty picture frame and put a great shot inside of it.


Homemade Gifts

Homemade Gifts Whenever you put thought into a gift, a single mother is guaranteed to love it. If you're an artist, paint her a picture. If you're a singer, record a song for her. If you're a writer, create a poem. Use your talent to your advantage. Hey, it'll be free!



Clothes If the single mother in your life is the type to always buy gifts for others, but never for herself, then you need to get her something cute that she'd never splurge on. That means that you need to buy her a few pretty shirts, some new jeans, and even some gorgeous pumps. She's never too old to strut her stuff.


Movie Memorabilia

Movie Memorabilia Think about your giftee's favorite movie, TV show, or actor. Now go out and find a cup with the logo on it or a calendar that's based on it. You're sure to find plenty of items on the Internet, even if her favorite things are decades old.



Jewelry If you buy a special necklace, she'll wear it for the next few years. That's why you need to get something gorgeous. You can even buy something personalized that has her name on it or a cute message.


Pet Gifts

Pet Gifts If you're buying for someone who has a puppy or kitten that she loves more than she loves herself, she'd rather have a gift for her pet. Buy a bowl with a cute picture inside of it or a bag of treats. She'll appreciate that you thought of her furry friend.



Handbag If you have enough money to spend and want to get her a big gift, buy her a designer handbag. It's something that she wouldn't spend money on herself, but would love to have. All of her friends will be talking about it.



Flowers You can either buy a bouquet of flowers or just get her some seeds. If she loves to garden, then she'll be happy to plant them herself. It's not only a gift, but it'll be a fun activity for her!



DVDs If there's a show that you know your friend/mother would love, buy her a few seasons of it. If you want to see the show too, then it'll give you incentive to spend more time with her. You can binge watch with her.



Chocolate When all else fails, buy her candy! It is Valentine's Day after all. Since it's so darn delicious, she'll appreciate it every time she pops a piece into her mouth.



Pajamas A comfy pair of pajamas is always a pleasant gift. If you gift recipient always wears the same old, raggedy things, surprise her with a new pair of pajamas. The cozier, the better.



Clean A single mother has to do tons of work around the house, so give her a break on Valentine's Day. Do the dishes for her, vacuum her floors, and even do some dusting. She'll love it more than any material item.

What are some Valentine’s Day gifts for single moms that you have purchased in the past?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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