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High school kids seem to want any and everything and the answer is often no, but graduation is the perfect excuse to get them one of many great high school graduate gifts. If you’re anything like my parents, or have parents like mine, they would want you to earn the things they give you. You know, treat your first car like a Camaro and they’ll think about getting you one. Of course they did spoil me, because I wasn’t a bad kid, but they saved the big gifts for special occasions, graduation being one. If you don’t spoil your kid, niece, nephew, or whoever the graduate may be to you on the regular, explore some ideas to get them great high school graduate gifts. Here, I present a few for you.

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Nice Pair of Headphones

I still can’t figure out what the deal with the huge headphones my generation seems to be obsessed with is, but everyone wants a pair. Although they can be pricey under certain name brands, there are brands that make noise cancelling headphones for reasonable prices, which makes them one of the best high school graduate gifts. Everyone needs at least one pair of headphones, so you should invest in a good pair, which will last longer than the flimsy ear buds that get lost more than anything else.


Charm Bracelet

Almost all of my friends that I graduated with miss our high school days, and like to reminisce on what we used to participate in. A charm bracelet could be a constant reminder of those days, because there are charms for literally anything you can think of. Like the commercials prove, charm bracelets tell a story by themselves. For guys a charm on a chain would be nice, but usually a class ring with their sport would suffice for them.


A Car

If they don’t receive a car on their sweet 16, I think they may be hoping for one as a graduation gift. This would be a great gift to get grandparents, and aunts and uncles to chip in on. Once high school is finished, and that time can be filled with summer jobs, or road trips, you don’t want them depending on you for a ride everywhere. You might as well put a smile on your graduate's face, and maybe one on your own when you see how much gas you’re saving by giving up your chauffeur hat. Hopefully they’ll be making money to buy gas for their own car.



If a car is out of price range how about a nice bike or skateboard? A huge percent of students at my college ride their bike or skateboard to class daily. A bike or skateboard might come more in handy anyway, because most colleges don’t let freshman have cars on their campus. plus you’ll be saving either them, or yourself, money in the long run by avoiding gas expenses.



A laptop is perfect if you know for sure your graduate is going to college. This is a gift you know will be constantly used, even if only for procrastination, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of it. College kids practically can’t live without having their laptops on them at all times


Paid Vacation

I think it’s important to have as much fun as you can in the summer before college, because once you start it’s time to get serious. The same goes for deciding to jump straight into the workplace, because then real life and responsibility starts immediately. Why not treat the graduate with a vacation somewhere. Even if it’s just a few nights in a nice town an hour away, I’m sure the gesture would be appreciated. There is time to spend with friends and make memories on the last summer they can really call themselves kids. I would put this at the top of my high school graduation gifts; because I think anyone would really appreciate a paid-for vacation.


Gift Card

If all else fails or you’re just not a good gift giver, you can fall back on a gift card; just as great a gift as all the ones I’ve listed before. The entire family can put money together and give one card or several different cards. Either way gifts cards are perfect for any and every occasion.

Gift giving is always tricky, but for certain age groups you realize the trend and catch on. There are many gifts big, small, expensive, or inexpensive to choose for graduates. I guess how you decide depends on what kind of graduate your dealing with. Which gift, on or off the list, suits your graduate?

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Money money money, it might seem a bit un-sentimental, but after high school, they will always be needing money

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