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7 Practical Gifts for Twins on Their Birthday ...

By Cris

Friends and family have been harassing me (too strong a word, but still) about the gifts for twins that they should be preparing for Nicholas and Antoinette’s first birthday next month. The fact that they are thinking about it is stressing me out. Many of them said that they just don’t know the appropriate gifts for twins, so they asked me what I prefer. Great! So I came up with this list of practical gifts for twins as they enter another learning and growing chapter of their lives. I hope they don’t find this too much!

Table of contents:

  1. A truckload of baby wipes, diapers and diaper rash cream
  2. Gift checks for clothes shopping
  3. Books
  4. Savings bonds or… a piggy bank!
  5. Alphabet mat and number flash cards
  6. Sets of toys
  7. Diaper bag

1 A Truckload of Baby Wipes, Diapers and Diaper Rash Cream

I am of the belief that a kid’s first birthday party is not for him/her; it’s actually for the parents. The kid – or in our case, the twins – is too young to enjoy the occasion. It will help the parents if you can assist them with the above mentioned essentials. They’re basic and practical and I swear every parent knows that these are perfect gifts for twins … and their parents.

2 Gift Checks for Clothes Shopping

My husband says that we don’t have kids in the house. We have mutants (!) because they are growing up so fast. As a result, they are outgrowing their clothes so fast that I am currently segregating the ones that they still can use from those that I should give to younger nephews and nieces. I don’t buy branded items so I told family and friends that the gift checks they will give the twins will go a long way.

3 Books

And I mean this very seriously. The kids need books for lap time and bedtime storytelling. Starting them young is the best. I appreciate people who give picture books because they help me build up my kids’ library/nook in the house. If it’s not too much to ask, touch-and-feel books are the top priority as of the moment.

4 Savings Bonds or… a Piggy Bank!

When I gave birth to the twins, a close colleague of my husband called us and asked where he can deposit a thousand dollars as gift for the twins. I thought he was joking but he wasn’t. It was great reminder for us to start early in saving up for the twins’ college education. I also started two piggy banks for Nick and Toni and I make sure that once a week we visit their pigs and they see me dropping something inside the pigs’ bellies.

5 Alphabet Mat and Number Flash Cards

Our twins can now walk a few steps but most of the time, they crawl and wrestle each other on the floor. I have been playing (and singing!) the alphabet song to them since they were days old and I thought I should take it to the next level by teaching them the alphabet using something visual. Since they crawl a lot, I thought that maybe an alphabet mat would be great. And then…the number flash cards next. What do you think?

6 Sets of Toys

Our house is already a toy kingdom. Do we need some more? Yes! We are particularly into toys that are made of fabric because at this stage, the twins are chewing and biting anything their fingers can grasp. We found out – after observing them for 11 months – that this type of toy does not pose danger to them. We don’t give them plastic toys just yet because we are afraid that they will choke. Generally, big toys are preferred so they don’t swallow them. We take the necessary precautions.

7 Diaper Bag

I survived 11 months without a diaper bag. I just shoved the diapers, extra clothes, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, etc. inside my trusted shopping bag. But lately, it’s been really a challenge to find this item and that item what with growing number of things to bring when we go outside of the house. No need for the pricey type; just the one with many pouches/pockets so I would know where to find what.

Those are a few of the things I know we'll be excited to get in a few weeks! Do you have any more ideas for gifts to give to the twins on their first birthday?

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