31 Ideas of All Sorts for Christening Gifts ...

By Neecey

31 Ideas of All Sorts for Christening Gifts ...

I know it's early yet as my niece is not due to give birth until late October, but it still got me thinking about christening gifts. We haven't had a new baby in the family for a while and I was wondering how things had changed,and whether what I think of as traditional christening gifts are still relevant and what gifts were now trendy. Here are some ideas for christening gifts - traditional and contemporary.

1 Baby Barefoot Sandals

Via Baby barefoot sandals , baby ...

For some christening gifts, it is best to seek out the mother's advice. She might have a different plan for baby's feet.

2 Bracelet

Via Infant Jewelry SWAROVSKI Baby bracelet, ...

Some christening gifts are unisex, others only suitable for a girl or boy. A baby bangle is a nice girlie gift.

3 Christening Verse

Via Baptism Gift - Baby Girl ...

Get to grips with your word art program and print out a meaningful verse and frame it. There are also pre-made printables you can find online.

4 Handkerchief Bonnet Gift,

Via Falling From Trees: Handkerchief to ...

If you'd like to make a clothing keepsake for today and future generations, this tutorial will show you how,.

5 Personalized Christening Hearts Picture

Via personalised christening paper hearts pink ...

Go for a neutral color or check with mom what color the nursery is.

6 Burp Cloth

Via Scripture Burp Cloth - Fearfully ...

This is a nice idea but if the parents aren't religious an inspirational quote will work just as well.

7 Pacifier Clip

Via Baptism Gift ,Pearl Pacifier Clip, ...

Pacifier clips make lovely baptism gifts and they come in a huge range of styles for girls and boys.

8 Personalized Name Sign

Via Christening Gift for Girl- Baptism ...

If you're crafty, DIY christening gifts you make are unique.

9 Bodysuit

Via Best Christening Gifts For Boys, ...

Not sure this could be worn on the day ^_^ but it makes a cute gift!

10 Name Bracelet

Via onesmallchild.com

If you're going to get a bracelet, a personalized one is special.

11 Personalized Saucer

Via BAPTISM GIFT, christening gift, godchild, ...

This is a really cute idea but you should check if the priest doesn't mind using it if that's your intention.

12 Godchild Message

Via Spaceform Godchild Paperweight: Amazon.co.uk: Office ...

Search online and you'll find all sorts of suitable verses and quotes in various presentation forms.

13 Gift Plaque

Via Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons ...

Another DIY project for crafty people.

14 Wooden Wall Letter/name Sign

Via Shabby personalised baby girl boy ...

Find some shabby chic inspiration and get crafting.

15 Button Initial Frame

Via present time, present time!

Another crafty idea.

16 Name Garland

Via ALICE - Personalized Baby name ...

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you might like this idea.

17 Christening Cake

Via Lucas' Christening Cake

If you can't sew, are not crafty but are pretty nifty at the baking game, you could offer to make the christening cake.

18 Monogrammed Bible

Via Just for Baby Bible

One of the more traditional christening gifts.

19 Silver Birth Certificate Holder

Via Gift Ideas for a Christening ...

Silver is a traditional material for christening gifts.

20 Silver Money Box

Via Gift Ideas for a Christening ...

Always a good idea to start the financial education early.

21 Silver Heart Locket Necklace

Via Locket Necklace Little Girls Personalized ...

Something with baby's name on it is always a lovely idea.

22 Necklace

Via Child of God Necklace, I ...

And if you don't want to give a locket, there are plenty of
other lovely options.

23 Christening Plate

Via Baptism Plate - Hand Painted ...

You'll find lots of personalized christening and baptism gifts on Etsy.

24 Baptismal Towel

Via LDS Baptism Towel for Girls

Something to dry baby off with at the ceremony and then a nice keepsake.

25 Personalized Frame

Via Christening Baptism Gift GIRL Custom ...

Present to Mom and Dad with or without a picture.

26 Tree Bauble

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Something to hang on the tree year after year.

27 Embroidered Soft Toy

Via Personalized Baby Baptismal Gift Embroidered ...

Another example of the personalized gifts available from Etsy and other gift retailers.

28 Personalized Cutlery

Via Toddler Personalized Cutlery Big Kid ...

All set for when baby is ready to start feeding him/herself.

29 Personalised Silver Plated Christening Spoon

Via personalised silver plated christening spoon ...

And if you don't want to give a full cutlery set, a spoon is just a great idea. People have been gifting christening spoons for centuries.

30 Personalised Egg Cup and Spoon Set

Via Personalised Egg Cup and Spoon ...

And a final variation on the spoon idea.

31 Bling Pacifier

Via squidoo.com

Okay so it's a little (or even a lot) mad to even be thinking of a white gold pacifier set with diamonds, but I've seen much simpler and far less costly silver pacifiers available.

Over to you now. What innovative ideas for christening gifts do you have? If you're a mom, did you receive any unusual or creative gifts when your baby was christened? Is there anything you would have liked to have received but didn't?

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