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31 Party Favors for Your Little Girl's Birthday Party ...

By Eliza

Little kids usually expect a favor when they come to a birthday party. While the trend these days is to skip the junky favor bags, you can still offer guests something to take home that won't be broken before they get home. A little girl's birthday is a magical thing that gives you lots of great options for showering her friends with a fun treat to take home as a memory of the party.

1 Pink Tutu Water Bottles

Pink Tutu Water BottlesVia 35 DIY Baby Shower Ideas ...
No parent is going to to complain if you give out these cute water bottles instead of candy.

2 Princess Party Goblet

Princess Party GobletVia DIY Baby Food Jar Princess ...
These adorable little crown jars are great for a bunch of different fillings.


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3 Rainbow Treat

Rainbow TreatVia Playful Doggy Party Ideas! {Girls ...
Of course, there's nothing wrong with offering something sweet if that's what you want to do.

4 Magic Wand

Magic WandVia whatever: baby shower
What little girl isn't going to go absolutely crazy for her very own magic wand?

5 Hot Pink Black Bows

Hot Pink Black BowsVia Items similar to Custom Listing ...
This is cute and edible. What more could ask for?


PRINCESS PARTY JEWELRYVia Tangled Birthday Party
Make some simple ring pops look fabulous by presenting them like this.

7 Spa Party

Spa PartyVia Makeup Birthday Party Ideas | ...
Some cute pampering items are sure to get all the little girls excited.

8 Favor Buckets

Favor BucketsVia Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas | ...
Instead of piling the loot into bags, try offering them in cute little buckets instead.

9 Headbands at

Headbands atVia Doctor Theme Birthday Party Ideas ...
All little girls like to look fancy, so headbands as favors are sure to go over well.

10 Make Your Own Bracelet

Make Your Own BraceletVia Make Your Own Bracelet Kid's ...
The girls can all have fun making the bracelet and they get a favor to take home too.

11 Cookies

CookiesVia baby girl First Birthday Party
Customized cookies that match the theme of the party are great options.

12 Amulet Necklace

Amulet NecklaceVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
It shines and sparkles, which makes it perfect for all the girls on your guest list.

13 Fairy Wings

Fairy WingsVia Tinkerbell & Fairies Birthday Party ...
I sort of wish I could have a set of these, don't you?

14 Mermaid Necklaces

Mermaid NecklacesVia Mermaid Birthday Party Planning Ideas ...
These are really cute and they're made out of gumballs so they can be eaten too.

15 Every Child Leaves with a Toy Pup

Every Child Leaves with a Toy PupVia Creative Designs by Toni: Puppy ...
What a fun idea for a puppy themed party. You could also do any other animal.

16 Night Owl

Night OwlVia Birthday Party Ideas | Photo ...
These are fantastic favors for a sleepover birthday party.

17 Pedicure Favors

Pedicure FavorsVia 25 Creative Girl Birthday Party ...
Have a pedicure party, then send all the girls home in flip flops so their polish doesn't mess up.

18 Licorice and Marshmallow Rainbow Party

Licorice and Marshmallow Rainbow PartyVia Rainbows & Colors Birthday Party ...
These would be as much fun to eat as they are to make.

19 Personalized Breakfast

Personalized BreakfastVia Pajama Party!!! Birthday Party Ideas ...
Here's another fun idea for a sleepover party. And it wouldn't cost you too much either.

20 Paint a Fairy House

Paint a Fairy HouseVia Fairy Party Birthday Party Ideas ...
I love favors that are an activity at the party at the same time.

21 Cinderella Skirts

Cinderella SkirtsVia Cinderella Princess Birthday Party Ideas ...
These little tutus would be a dream come true for any little girl.

22 Sock Horses

Sock HorsesVia Country-western cowgirl party: Emma is ...
Wouldn't these be the perfect favor for a country themed party?

23 Doll Outfits

Doll OutfitsVia Meghily's: American Girl Party @ ...
Have the girls bring their dolls, then dress them all to match. The clothes are the favors.

24 Beach Towel Mermaid Tail

Beach Towel Mermaid TailVia Your Great Ideas for Summer ...
This looks like a pretty pricey party favor, but really fun at the same time.

25 Bucket of Fun

Bucket of FunVia What To Include In A ...
This bucket of goodies give kids something to look forward to after the party is over.

26 Cotton Candy in Push up Pop Containers

Cotton Candy in Push up Pop ContainersVia Preppy Disco Birthday Party Ideas ...
This party favor would melt in the mouth!

27 My Little Pony Tails

My Little Pony TailsVia My Little Pony Inspired Tails ...
Their very own pony tail? What girl doesn't want that?


Not only are these really cute, but they'd get a lot of use too.

29 Favors in Mason Jars

Favors in Mason JarsVia Fairy Birthday Party Ideas | ...
Mason jars are the perfect thing for putting favors into.

30 Superhero Birthday Party

Superhero Birthday PartyVia Superhero Birthday Party Ideas | ...
If you're going with a bag for favors, you can't go wroing with this one.

31 Personalized Pillowcases

Personalized PillowcasesVia
This would take some preparation, but would be totally worth it.

What's your most favorite party favor ever? Do you have any other ideas?

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