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Put on Cupid’s wings this February 14 and throw an amazing bash with these easy to do and oh-so festive Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids. With these super simple Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids, even non-lovey dovey boys will enjoy participating in at your kids Valentine’s Day bash.

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Pin the Heart on Cupid

There are many Valentine ’s Day party ideas for kids, and this one is super simple, as it’s a festive take on a traditional kid’s party favorite. For this activity, simply blow up and print out a picture of Cupid. Hang up the picture on a wall where kids can reach. Cut out heart and put a little adhesive on the back (a piece of tape or some sticky tack will do). Blindfold kids and lead them to the picture of Cupid and whoever pins his or her heart closest to cupids arrow wins!


Heart Scavenger Hunt

Send kids on a hunt for heart. Hide either candy or paper hearts around a room. Give the kids a bag to collect the hearts in and split them up into teams or send them off to search for the hearts themselves. The team or the child who finds the most hearts wins!


Candy Taste Test

What kid doesn’t like candy? – and since candy is such a big part of Valentine’s Day, why not include it in an activity that kids will be sure to enjoy? Choose a selection of different types of candies and have a blind taste test. Blindfold participants and have them taste the candy and try to guess each type.


Counting the Ways I Love You

With this activity, you can sneak in a little bit of math. Fill a jar up with a specific number of candy hearts and write down the total number on a piece of paper. Have the kids look at the jar and estimate how many hearts are actually in it. The person who guesses closest to the correct number wins the candy hearts.


Sweet Hearts

Since Valentine ’s Day is all about sweets, why not make some sweet hearts to enjoy? Bake some heart-shaped cookies in advance of the party. On the day of the party, give each kid a cookie and set out some red and pink colored icing and festive sprinkles. Let kids decorate their cookies with the sweets.


Stop! in the Name of Love

Here’s a Valentine’s rendition of the kid favorite ‘musical chairs.’ Set out hearts on the floor in a circle, one less than the number of kids at the party. Play the famed song of the same name and when you stop the music, kids have to find a heart to stand on; the person left not standing on a heart sits out. Continue playing, following traditional ‘musical chairs’ rules, until there is one child left standing.


The Other Piece of My Heart

For this activity, cut out hearts from construction paper and then cut them in half with different types of lines (zig-zags and such). Hand out a heart half to each child and they have to try to find the person who has the other half of their hearts.

Are you throwing your kids a Valentine’s Day party? What types of ideas do you have in mind to spread the love and keep them entertained?

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