7 Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids ...


Put on Cupid’s wings this February 14 and throw an amazing bash with these easy to do and oh-so festive Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids. With these super simple Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids, even non-lovey dovey boys will enjoy participating in at your kids Valentine’s Day bash.

1. Pin the Heart on Cupid

There are many Valentine ’s Day party ideas for kids, and this one is super simple, as it’s a festive take on a traditional kid’s party favorite. For this activity, simply blow up and print out a picture of Cupid. Hang up the picture on a wall where kids can reach. Cut out heart and put a little adhesive on the back (a piece of tape or some sticky tack will do). Blindfold kids and lead them to the picture of Cupid and whoever pins his or her heart closest to cupids arrow wins!

Heart Scavenger Hunt
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