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29 Diaper Cakes Any Mother Will Adore to Receive ...

By Neecey

Diaper cakes (nappy cakes elsewhere) are fun, practical and beautiful. And for those of you wondering what a diaper cake is, it's not edible; it is a "cake" made out of diapers, along with lots of other baby accoutrements. From simple tiers to complex structures, there are lots of ideas for diaper cakes you can make as a gift for a baby shower, mom-to-be or new mom. You can stick to diapers and crafty items to dress them up or you can include all sorts of gifts for baby that mom will appreciate.

1 Instructions for Building a Diaper Cake

Instructions for Building a Diaper CakeVia Crafty Chic's: Diaper Cake - ...

If you're new to diaper cakes, it's best to start with a good set of instructions for the basic structure. Click on the link, ladies. The tier structure is the simplest but as you'll see as you move through the ideas, the range of shapes is extensive.

2 Tricycle

TricycleVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Once you've got the hang of it, you really can make some a-maz-ing diaper cakes. If you can't find a pattern or tutorial to follow, sketch it out yourself.


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3 Owl

OwlVia reserved for Kelsey- girls owl ...

And you can make all sorts of shapes.

4 Bassinet

BassinetVia 40 Ideias Criativas para Bolo ...

Make it ostentatious.

5 Diaper Wreath

Diaper WreathVia baby shower

Or you could get a-round to making it this shape!

6 Basket

BasketVia Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

There are various things you can use for the handle - a pool noodle, a foam tube, pipe lagging...

7 Boy Theme

Boy ThemeVia Mustache Diaper Cake, Mini 2 ...

Choose your colors or traditional themes if you know the sex of the baby. I think this is a little masculine for a new baby boy but you get the idea.

8 Frozen

FrozenVia Gifts For Your Beloved: Click ...

Disney is always a good theme for diaper cakes.

9 Washcloth Elephant

Washcloth ElephantVia Baby shower

Oh my! How cute is this?

10 Girl Theme

Girl ThemeVia Simply This and that: Baby ...

Use your imagination for really girlie nappy cakes.

11 Boat

BoatVia Scrub a dub dub

An easy and fun shape for a boy.

12 Washcloth Lollipops

Washcloth LollipopsVia Washcloth Lollipops, set of 5, ...

Use these on your cakes.

13 Bulldozer

BulldozerVia Bulldozer Diaper Cake - 9990613 ...

Now that's what you call a cake for a little man.

14 Puppy


Build your cake around a cuddly toy and you can make the theme fit too.

15 Pink Damask

Pink DamaskVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Or keep it simple but pretty it up with beautiful ribbons.

16 Princess

PrincessVia 10 Best Baby Diaper Cakes

Any mom will adore this for her little girl.

17 Baby Carriage

Baby CarriageVia Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons ...

Combine lovely fabrics, ribbons and flowers.

18 Flower Arrangement

Flower ArrangementVia Crafty Cornhusker

What a fab-u-lous alternative to a diaper cake. Use real flowers or silk ones along with the diaper roses.

19 Baby Bath Tub

Baby Bath TubVia

Customize a ready-made receptacle that's part of the gift.

20 Diaper Baby Bottle

Diaper Baby BottleVia Bottle Shaped Diaper Cake

A sign of things to come.

21 Swaddle Me

Swaddle MeVia Diaper Cake Swaddle Me Girl ...

Such a clever idea and it's all made from stuff for baby.

22 Small

SmallVia Small - Diaper Cake

There's no need to feel you have to be showy and make a huge cake. Make a great little diaper cake.

23 Monkey

MonkeyVia Monkey Diaper Cake, Jungle Baby ...

Now THAT is what you call clever.

24 Train

TrainVia Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake ...

I don't think this would be too hard to create.


BUTTERFLYVia Beautiful BUTTERFLY Diaper Cake for ...

Cute and clever.

26 Going Green

Going GreenVia Huggies - Pure & Natural ...

Use eco-friendly diapers and recycled ribbons for an environmentally-conscious mom.

27 Washcloth Babies

Washcloth BabiesVia Unique Baby Shower Gifts - ...

Sure to be a hit.

28 Rattle

RattleVia Rattle Diaper Cake - 9990595 ...

Made from diapers and receiving blankets.

29 Sleeping Baby

Sleeping BabyVia Boy Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake

I'm in awe of creative minds that can envisage this and bring it to fruition.

Have you made a diaper cake or do you now have the inspiration you needed?

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