29 Diaper Cakes Any Mother Will Adore to Receive ...

Diaper cakes (nappy cakes elsewhere) are fun, practical and beautiful. And for those of you wondering what a diaper cake is, it's not edible; it is a "cake" made out of diapers, along with lots of other baby accoutrements. From simple tiers to complex structures, there are lots of ideas for diaper cakes you can make as a gift for a baby shower, mom-to-be or new mom. You can stick to diapers and crafty items to dress them up or you can include all sorts of gifts for baby that mom will appreciate.

1. Instructions for Building a Diaper Cake

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Via Crafty Chic's: Diaper Cake - ...

If you're new to diaper cakes, it's best to start with a good set of instructions for the basic structure. Click on the link, ladies. The tier structure is the simplest but as you'll see as you move through the ideas, the range of shapes is extensive.

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