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34 Baby Nursery Ideas That You're Going to Love ...

By Eliza

When you're getting to bring home a little one, baby nursery ideas can take over your thinking. Trust me, I have experience! While it can be hard to put together the nursery of your dreams, it pays to review the many baby nursery ideas out there so you can mix and match your favorite elements from each to create just the room you want. Read through to the end for my safety comments.

1 Star Lights

Star LightsVia Star Studded Kids’ Rooms
One of my favorite baby nursery ideas is to install fairy lights. They give your little one something to look at and give enough light to see in the middle of the night.

2 Chevron

ChevronVia powell brower at home: Model ...
The combination of large and small chevron is perfect for the neutral color palette.


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Modern day princesses

3 Wall Decals

Wall DecalsVia - Pregnancy, Parenting and ...
Use wall decals to create a mural. It's easy to change it as your baby grows.

4 Contrasting Colors

Contrasting ColorsVia Pink & Grey - Project ...
The pink and black are the perfect contrast in this nursery, but you can also use any colors that contrast.

5 Total Sophistication

Total SophisticationVia
This room is perfect for a baby, but it's also somewhere you're going to want to hang out all the time.

6 Baby Picture

Baby PictureVia Home Ideas
Hang a large canvas of your newborn over her crib for a totally unique work of art that no one else will have.

7 Modern Mobile

Modern MobileVia Diaper Style Memoirs | all ...
This modern take on the traditional crib mobile is fun and quirky. Your baby won't ever outgrow it!

8 Pops of Color

Pops of ColorVia Items similar to Babies nursery...Orange ...
Start with a neutral color palette, then add a few items in bright colors to bring life into the room.

9 Monogram

MonogramVia Information About Rate My Space
It's always fun to add a work of art with your baby's name or initials.

10 Repurpose the Closet

Repurpose the ClosetVia Baby Blue Nursery Closet
If you have a small nursery, turn the closet into a cozy little nook for the dresser and changing table.

11 Think Royalty

Think RoyaltyVia Elegant vintage baby nursery idea
Use vintage furniture and decor to create a nursery reminiscent of an old world castle.

12 Yellow and Gray

Yellow and GrayVia Nursery reveal
Just because it's a baby's room doesn't mean you have to choose pastel colors.

13 Totally Princess

Totally PrincessVia elegant #nursery for baby!!
I have three boys, so if I ever had a girl, I would go all out like this!

14 Keep It White

Keeping the nursery background white makes it easy to change things up anytime you want to.

15 Not Matchy Matchy

Not Matchy MatchyVia A luscious childhood: Stylish baby ...
This room brings together a huge amount of patterns, textures and shades of pink, but it totally works.

16 Cozy and Charming

Cozy and CharmingVia A luscious childhood: Stylish baby ...
This room isn't huge, but the furniture choices make it roomy and comfy at the same time.

17 Animal Prints

Animal PrintsVia All Things are Fashion
The subtle African animal feel of this room is great for a baby and fun for you too.

18 Green It up

Green It upVia 14 bodacious baby boy nurseries
Green is great for bringing color into a room and works with many other hues too. The potted plant is a great addition.

19 Wild West

Wild WestVia
The earth tones and cowboy decor is totally fun for a little cowboy or cowgirl.

20 Modern Crib

Modern CribVia Kids Bedrooms
The modern shape and design of this crib adds just the right touch to the nursery.

21 Birth Announcement

Birth AnnouncementVia Items similar to 10x10 Personalized ...
This simple birth announcement is a perfect addition to your baby's new room.

22 Neutral Colors

Neutral ColorsVia Baby Rooms
I like how the neutral colors look in this nursery without making it look boring.

23 Edgy

EdgyVia Babies, Tots n' More
If you can't fathom a traditional baby room, try these edgy elements for something that works for everyone.

24 Under the Sea

Under the SeaVia Beach Theme Designer Nursery - ...
Bright coral and blue shades make room a seaside retreat. I love the starfish wall art!

25 Hollywood

HollywoodVia Kids are the Cutest!
The fancy wallpaper and chandelier makes this room fit for any celebrity baby, but most especially for your bundle of joy.

26 Bring the Outdoors in

Bring the Outdoors inVia Amari Baby Bedding and Nursery ...
The green color in this nursery makes it feel like an outdoor retreat.

27 Book Storage

Book StorageVia Night Owl Bookend: Wood Modern ...
This cute bookcase is perfect for your favorite books and has lots of friends for your little one.

28 Wall Art

Wall ArtVia Birds - Nursery art, baby ...
No nursery would be complete without some wall art so choose something that coordinates with your theme.

29 Blue and Brown

Blue and BrownVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Blue and brown is a totally modern color combination that's perfect for a baby boy's nursery.

30 Low Lighting

Low LightingVia House Makeover
The glowing, but not super bright, lights in this room is ideal for your baby's bedroom.

31 Something You Love

Something You LoveVia
You're going to be spending a lot of time in your baby's room so don't be afraid to add something you love - perhaps from your own childhood.

32 Tulle Galore

Tulle GaloreVia ❤BABYs R❂❂M❤
The tulle above the chair adds a whimsical and fun feel to the space.

33 Four Poster Crib

Four Poster CribVia Name Wall Decal Baby Nursery ...
This unique four poster crib adds just that something extra to a girl's nursery.

34 Tiny Furniture

Tiny FurnitureVia Unisex Bird Nursery - Project ...
Try a bassinet or cradle to save space until your baby grows into a crib.
Now, to my caveat - most experts recommend keeping anything but your baby and a firm mattress covered with a well-fitting sheet out of the crib to reduce the risk of SIDS. That being said, you can still create a beautiful nursery. Which idea do you love best?

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