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Awesome Gift Ideas for a New Baby ...

By Eliza

If you need gift ideas for a new baby, you have probably given it a lot of thought and are coming up empty. What the heck does a newborn need anyway? They aren’t going to be able to open the gift and probably won’t care what’s in it either. That makes this the time to offer a gift that helps the parents more than the little one. And if it’s your own baby, think about how these gift ideas for a new baby can help you now and in the future. Happy shopping!

1 Diapers

One of the best gift ideas for a new baby is diapers. After all, they go through several hundred of them every month in the beginning. Because that little bundle of joy is probably going to sleep his or her way through the gift giving, you can offer the parents a lovely box of diapers. They’ll come in handy and they will save said parents some cash.

2 Money

When you have a new baby, you find new ways to spend money all the time. If it’s not diapers or wipes, it’s new clothes, toys or those surprise visits to the doctor when you think something is wrong. If you know new parents, hand them some cash for such unexpected expenditures. Or it can go into the college fund. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

3 Contrast Toys

New babies slowly work their way to staring at objects in the first few months of life. Experts say they most prefer toys with lots of contrast. Look for those that are black and white with some red. They seem to be the most popular, which also makes them easy to find. A fun playmat or rattle is a gift that a new baby will appreciate as he or she gets older and learns to play.

4 Clothes

There’s just something so fun about buying itty bitty baby clothes, isn’t there? It’s the perfect gift if you have a new baby. You have to buy clothes for him or her anyway, so why not wrap them up and make the whole process even more fun. Even a baby that is only a couple of months old will love looking at the gift wrap and crinkling it in his or her little hands.

5 Photo Books or Frames

Any new parent will have a couple of million photos of their new little one in just the first few weeks. Give a lovely photo album or cute picture frame so they can showcase the baby. Personalized options are really fun and are a super thoughtful gift that any parent is going to love.

6 Bath Toys

Most babies, even the brand new ones, enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. Bath toys are a fun way to make it even better. Soft squirting animals or cute little foam floating toys are perfect. Mom and Dad can show them to the baby now and in a few months he or she can grab and play with them on his or her own.

7 Music

Little ones love to listen to music, even if it’s not classical. Music is good for certain aspects of development too. Give the baby on your list a CD or give the parents an iTunes gift card so they can download some baby-friendly tunes to their iPod. Or offer up a mobile or toy that makes music. All of these ideas will be much appreciated?

Do you have a baby on your list this year? Do you see a gift on here that is absolutely perfect? Please share any other ideas you have.

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