7 Great Gifts for an Expectant Mom ...


7 Great Gifts for an Expectant Mom ...
7 Great Gifts for an Expectant Mom ...

Are you trying to come up with ideas for gifts for an expectant mom? It may seem like this is a difficult gift to shop for but it really isn't. There are lots of great gifts for an expectant mom to choose from. These are 7 ideas to inspire you.

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A Gift Certificate for a Pre-natal Massage

One of the most-loved gifts for an expectant mom to receive is a gift certificate for a pre-natal massage. I've had some friends who had a pre-natal massage and raved about how lovely it was. A pre-natal massage can give a mom-to-be a time of pure relaxation. It can also help to ease some of the pregnancy aches and pains. It's a gift that's an absolute treat.


A Gift Certificate for a Mani and Pedi

A gift certificate for a mani and pedi is a gift that almost any girl would love. It's even more special when you're an expectant mom and it's especially true toward the end of pregnancy. As the end of pregnancy comes, so do aches and pains including those in the lower legs and feet. Additionally, the chore of painting your toenails becomes increasingly difficult. Having a pedicure is a wonderful treat when you're in that stage of pregnancy.


A Robe and Slippers

A robe and slippers are always a good gift choice for an expectant mom. It's something she can use for her stay in the hospital. If you're unsure of her tastes, include a gift receipt so she can exchange it if she wishes. It's good to consider the season her baby will be born in to choose the appropriate type of robe and slippers. You may want to go for something warmer if she'll deliver in the winter.



Accessories are a great choice for a pregnant girl. While she can't wear her regular clothes she can wear her accessories. Also, maternity clothing can get a bit boring. Accessories are a great way to perk them up. Jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and more are all good choices.


A Large Purse

A large purse can be a young mom's best friend. It's large enough to hold all of her essentials and some of baby's too. Of course a diaper bag is a necessity but there are times when a mom may just want to throw a few things in her purse for a quick errand. A large purse makes this doable. It's also something she can enjoy now and later.


A Maternity Pillow

Ask a new mom how she feels about maternity pillows. If she had one, chances are good she'll say she couldn't have made it without it. Maternity pillows are wonderful at helping expectant moms get the sleep they need that is difficult to get in those last few months. There are many different brands you can choose from. There are also different fabrics to choose from if you want to match it to her bedroom.


Restaurant Gift Card

Restaurant gift cards are a great gift for almost everyone but an expectant mom will love it even more. There are usually days that a mom-to-be does not feel like cooking and this gives her a way to take care of that. She can opt for going out or getting take-out with most restaurant gift cards. It's also something she can save for after the baby's born when she needs dinner in a pinch.

These are 7 gift ideas for an expectant mom. I hope they've gave you some inspiration. What gift do you think you'll chose?

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