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8 Best Gifts for New Moms ...

By Jordin

Finding the best gifts for new moms is surprisingly easy! Do you know someone who has recently become a new mom? Maybe you have recently become a new mom yourself, but have no idea what to request or register for at your shower? Well, this list of best gifts for new mothers is just for you! This list will give you the most-needed gadgets and trinkets that you should request for baby. And if you are headed to a welcome baby party and have never shopped for kids or are just dry on ideas, you will know exactly what to bring in that gift bag! Keep on reading my article for 8 best gifts for new moms!

1 Eddie Bauer Heritage Canvas Tote

Eddie Bauer Heritage Canvas TotePrice: $29.74 at

This diaper bag is the ideal tote for either a boy or a girl! The colors are very versatile, and a young mother won't feel like she is toting a circus bag around with her! It even comes with a litte changing pad to lay baby on for diaper changes in a public area! Another upside to buying this bag is that it looks enough like a purse that mom can stash her wallet, keys, mints, lipstick and tampons inside and not have to carry two bags around!

2 Munchkin Standard Wipe Warmer

Munchkin Standard Wipe WarmerPrice: $25.99 at

How many of you had ever had to change a baby's diaper before? One minute, he's all smiling and cooing, the next minute he's screaming as a cold wipe touches his sensitive bottom! I know I've had to deal with it before, and it's not fun! But a new mom would certainly appreciate this thoughtful gift. It's definitely one of the best gifts for new moms!

3 Dishwasher Basket Combo Set

Dishwasher Basket Combo SetPrice: $20.99 at

This nifty little dishwasher basket is one of the best gifts for new moms ever! Imagine having to wash and sterilize 25 bottles and nipples by hand! Well, with this basket you can just toss em' all into the dishwasher and let the work take care of itself! And at $20.99 for the set, it's a steal! I guarantee you this one will put a smile on mom's face!

4 The First Years Jet Lightweight Stroller- City Chic

The First Years Jet Lightweight Stroller- City ChicPrice: $35.99 at

For those of you looking to spend a little more on mom and baby, your best bet is a stroller! Strollers can be expensive, and not always a luxury new moms can afford. But this one is a great price! You can be sure that she will get plenty of use out of it, as the straps are adjustable and will grow with baby! The storage compartment underneath is a great addition for baby's bag or whatever mom may have with her.

5 Infantino Twist and Fold Gym

Infantino Twist and Fold GymPrice: $39.99 at

Hey, even babies need some entertainment! New moms especially eventually need a moment to get a shower, wash the dishes, or just sit and relax. This little gym for baby will be sure to keep him or her happily entertained for a little while so mom can take care of things she may need to do! And it's a toy that baby can enjoy until he's 8 months old! so you can be sure he will get use out of this toy!

6 Bananafish Lucas Bedding Collection

Bananafish Lucas Bedding CollectionPrice: $7.99-$24.99 at

This one of the very best gifts for new moms ever! Every baby needs bedding, so why not save her the trouble and buy some yourself? Or if you are looking to buy for your own baby, this bedding will be perfect for your little one. It's gender neutral, and has pretty pastel colors in it.

7 Rainforest 8 Piece Gift Set

Rainforest 8 Piece Gift SetPrice: $20.99 at

Baby's skin is very soft and tender, so our rough terry cloth towels can scratch and irritate his skin easily! This gift set will be ideal for mommy to use to dry him after a bath. And the design is so cute! This is one of the best gifts for new mothers, so I know she'll love it and so will you!

8 Sony 900MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor

Sony 900MHz BabyCall Nursery MonitorPrice: $34.29 at

One of the best presents for new moms is peace of mind. And that's exactly what this gift will bring! Mom will be able to rest assured that her baby is sleeping peacefully without having to be in the same room. So go ahead and give her this gift-she will be thrilled!

Having a new baby can be expensive. And most new moms don't have the funds to purchase many extra things they would love to have for their little one. But now that you have this list of best gifts for new moms, you will know just what to buy and where to find it! Do you have any new moms to buy for?

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