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I'm getting ready to throw my son a birthday party, so boys' birthday party favors have been on my mind lately. The new trend among parents (at least where I live) is to do an activity at the party that results in something that the kids take home. It's so much better than a treat bag filled with junk. However, many parents still like the idea of giving out a sack filled with treasures. Either way you want to do it, there is something great on this list that I'm sure you can modify or copy to make your son's birthday party a huge success.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Via Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday ...
What little boy doesn't love the Ninja Turtles? These adorable bags are perfect for carrying home all the loot from the party.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) is an iconic franchise created in 1984 by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. The series follows the adventures of four anthropomorphic teenage turtles, named after Renaissance Italian artists, who were trained in the art of ninjutsu by their rat sensei. The TMNT have since become a worldwide phenomenon, inspiring several animated series, comic books, video games, and feature films.

The TMNT are popular among children and adults alike, making them a great choice for a birthday party theme. With the right decorations and party favors, you can turn any party into a fun and memorable TMNT-themed event. For decorations, you can hang TMNT posters, banners, and streamers. You can also use green and orange balloons, tablecloths, and plates to create a festive atmosphere.

As for party favors, you can give out TMNT-themed goodie bags filled with TMNT-themed items such as action figures, stickers, coloring books, and pencils. You can also give out TMNT-themed snacks such as pizza-shaped cookies, cupcakes, and candy. For a more unique party favor, you can give out TMNT-themed t-shirts or hats.


Minecraft Iron Bead Toys

Minecraft Iron Bead Toys Via The Best Minecraft Party Ideas ...
My son's party will be all about Minecraft and he is hard at work making these to give out to his friends. All you need are some ironing beads and patterns. Cool, huh?


Minecraft Iron Bead Toys are a great party favor for any boy's birthday, especially if the party is themed around the popular game Minecraft. The toys are easy to make and require only a few supplies: ironing beads, patterns, and an iron. The ironing beads come in a variety of colors, so it's easy to create a unique design. The patterns can be found online or in craft stores. Once the beads are arranged on the pattern, all you have to do is place the pattern between two pieces of parchment paper and iron it. The heat from the iron will fuse the beads together, creating a unique and fun party favor.

These toys are a great way to keep the party guests entertained and can be used as a fun game. The guests can use the toys to create their own designs or take part in a competition to see who can create the most creative design. The toys can also be used as decorations for the party or given as a special keepsake.


Ninja Turtle Mask

Ninja Turtle Mask Via Ninja Turtle Party Ideas - ...
These no sew Ninja turtle masks are super easy to make and will have all the kids smiling.


With just some felt, elastic, and a pair of scissors, you can craft these adorable homemade masks in no time. Choose different colors for Donatello's purple, Leonardo's blue, Michelangelo's orange, and Raphael's red masks to cater to each little partygoer's favorite turtle. These masks are not only perfect for party favors but also encourage imaginative play long after the festivities end. And don't forget to snap a group photo of the mini ninja squad—it's bound to be priceless and a fabulous keepsake!


Camping Party Favors

Camping Party Favors Via Camping Themed First Birthday Party! ...
A camping theme makes s'mores the perfect thing to send home with all the kids.


Bookmarks for Goodie Bags

Bookmarks for Goodie Bags Via The best Minecraft birthday party ...
You can find cute bookmarks for any theme you choose. They're an easy and fun favor for kids of all ages.


Tool Bag

Tool Bag Via Cameron and Shannon: Weston's 3rd ...
These are so cute! They would be perfect for a construction themed birthday party.


Tool bags make for a great party favor for a boy's birthday party, especially if it has a construction theme. Not only are they cute, but they are also practical and useful for kids to carry their tools or toys around. These bags are also a great way to encourage imaginative play and creativity in young children. Additionally, they can be personalized with the child's name or a fun construction-related quote. Parents can also fill the bags with small construction-themed toys or treats to make them even more exciting for the kids. Overall, tool bags are a fun and unique party favor idea that will surely be a hit among young party guests.


Vintage Train Party

Vintage Train Party Via Vintage Train Boy Thomas 4th ...
A train whistle is a fun idea. Wait to hand them out as the kids leave or you might be sorry. They are noisy!


Bucket of Treats

Bucket of Treats Via Boy Party Ideas {Feb 25-March ...
Small plastic buckets are a great alternative to the traditional cellophane treat bags.


These charming containers can be filled with an assortment of goodies such as stickers, temporary tattoos, bubbles, and small toys. The best part? They're reusable, meaning parents will appreciate that there's no waste. As a personal touch, you can personalize each bucket with the child's name or a thematic sticker relative to the party's theme. They're not only a hit with the little ones but also double as a festive contribution to the party décor until it's time for the guests to take them home.


Lego Party Ideas

Lego Party Ideas Via 7 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas ...
You will never go wrong when you host a Lego themed party. These nifty treat bags are easy to make and look just like Legos.


Lego-themed festivities are a hit with kids and adults alike. To amplify the fun, consider crafting your own Lego-inspired invitations that stack up the excitement. For decorations, a colorful backdrop of interlocking bricks sets the scene. Keep little builders engaged with a Lego-building contest or a scavenger hunt for special-edition pieces hidden around the party space. Don’t forget the cake – a Lego brick-shaped confection could be the centerpiece that ties everything together. Send guests home with those creative treat bags and perhaps a personalized mini-figure to remember the brick-tastic celebration!


Star Wars Light Sabers

Star Wars Light Sabers Via Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas ...
All you need to make these fun toys are pool noodles and duct tape. Easy!


Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals Via A Puppy Party & Oriental ...
What a great idea this would be for a puppy party. You can choose other animals too. How about dinosaurs?



Dino-Mite Via "DINO-MITE" Valentines!
Speaking of dinosaurs, this is a fun idea for a prehistoric birthday party.


Imagine little paleontologists digging into a birthday bash with dino-themed games, decorations, and goodies. Guests can excavate their own plastic dinosaurs from mini excavation kits or frolic in a land that time forgot with a dinosaur egg hunt. When it's time to go, hand out personalized dino-mite goodie bags, stuffed with prehistoric treats and toys that will have them roaring with joy. Make this celebration a stomping good time with a touch of jurassic magic that every child will remember for eons to come.


Superhero Birthday Party

Superhero Birthday Party Via Superhero Birthday Party Ideas | ...
Every little boy wants a superhero party, which means it's super easy to find favors to go with.


Batman Birthday Party Favors

Batman Birthday Party Favors Via Batman Birthday Party Ideas | ...
Batman is a big favorite, so these cute treats to hand out will certainly go over well. And they are so easy to put together too.


Take Home Legos

Take Home Legos Via Celebrate: Big Boy’s Lego Party
Every party guest is going to love getting to take home a little bag of Legos and a frame to display their creations.


Nothing beats the thrill of unleashing creativity, and these Lego party favors are a smash hit for any budding builder. Imagine the delight as each little architect dives into their personalized stash of bricks, ready to construct their very own masterpiece. To ramp up the excitement, include an inspirational booklet full of Lego ideas or a mini-challenge card to spark their imaginations. This playful takeaway not only serves as a hit during the party but continues to provide hours of inventive play at home, making it a keepsake that's both fun and functional.


Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing Via A Reel Fun "Gone Fishing" ...
My son once got a tackle box filled with actual fishing gear and it has always been one of his very favorite party favors. The candy worms in this one are sure to be memorable too.


My son once got a tackle box filled with actual fishing gear and it has always been one of his very favorite party favors. The candy worms in this one are sure to be memorable too. Imagine the delight on kids' faces as they reel in their own little gear, complete with fun surprises like gummy fish and goldfish crackers. Personalized mini fishing rods and tiny bobbers make this favor even more special. It’s a great way to turn any party into an adventure and inspire a love for the great outdoors in these young anglers.


Vintage Trains Made of Candy

Vintage Trains Made of Candy Via 17 Birthday Party Ideas for ...
These favors are fun because the kids can play with them for a bit, then eat them. Perfect!


Little Cars

Little Cars Via Mummy Mondays - Cars Birthday ...
These fun party favors double as a thank-you note. What a great way to multitask!


Flashlight Party Favors

Flashlight Party Favors Via Camping Birthday Party - I ...
Every kids likes to play with a flashlight, which makes them one of the best party favors ever.


Construction Dump Trucks

Construction Dump Trucks Via Construction, Dump Trucks Birthday Party ...
Candy and a fun toy - what more could a kid ask for when they leave a birthday party?


Candy Bar

Candy Bar Via Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday ...
Let kids fill a bag with a customized candy mix and you'll be the favorite among the parents.


Superhero Sucker

Superhero Sucker Via squidoo.com
I made these for my son's birthday party last year. The kids loved them and they only took a few minutes to throw together. You can also just use paper instead of felt, if you prefer.


Test Tube Party Favors

Test Tube Party Favors Via Mad Scientist Party
Cap off a science themed party with test tube party favors filled with small toys or candy.

What's your most memorable party favor? Did you get a good idea here for your son's next birthday party?

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These are great! But why would they be just for boys? 21st Century.

Awesome timing my son will be 4 in April and it just gave me more ideas. 😎

Great ideas. Thanks

Awesome! 😜

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