7 Very Important Skills Every Child Should Learn ...


7 Very Important Skills Every Child Should Learn ...
7 Very Important Skills Every Child Should Learn ...

I believe (and I hope you do too) that there are in fact a few very important skills every child should learn in order to face all the challenges he or she might encounter in this ever-changing world. Schools are usually doing a great job teaching your little ones all they need to know in order to become successful adults, but sometimes all the knowledge your kids receive from their teachers might not be enough. As parents, it’s basically your responsibility to help your children become the happy and accomplished adults you want them to be someday. Here are 7 of the most important skills every child should learn, in order to be prepared to face this unpredictable and sometimes, even unknown world.

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Survival Skills

In my opinion, every child should know what to do in order to survive in this sometimes cruel world. They should at least know how to build a fire, how to find water or food and of course, how to defend themselves and use different tools. A lot of kids now days don’t really know what living in the wild means, because they didn’t have the chance to experiment it, but you, as their parent, should still teach them these extremely important skills every child should learn, so they could take care of themselves even in the roughest environments. You never know when they’ll be in a situation where they will have to use this kind of knowledge.


Prepare a Simple Meal

Here I am talking about kids that are at least 9 or 10 years old. Every kid should know how to prepare at least one simple meal, one that shouldn’t require too much effort on their behalf either. By teaching them this, they will feel more independent, thus stronger. They will also be able to surprise you every now and then. Just imagine you coming home after a hard day at work and your kids waiting for you with a hot meal. What could be nicer than that? It’s the perfect way for them to show you how much they love and adore you.


Write a Letter

I know you might be tempted to think that this skill isn’t so necessary nowadays since pretty much everything can be done online. However, letters are still used quite a lot in today’s world and most of them are being sent using the Internet. Even though they seem very much alike, letters are not very similar to e-mails. In order to write a letter, your kid should use a more formal language and he or she should also have to respect a certain structure. You can help your children practice this skill by encouraging them to write letters to their grandparents or to different aunts or uncles who will surely write them back.


Simple Chores

Every child should know how to do different chores, whether it’s cleaning, doing their laundry or even doing the dishes. Let your kids help you around the house! Most of these small chores don’t require so much effort on their behalf and you could even turn their responsibilities into a little game. This way, you’ll also teach your little ones the importance of cleanliness and your children will understand the amount of work needed to keep a household going.


Problem Solving Skills

I believe that every child, no matter how young or old they are, needs to develop a couple of problem solving skills. Encourage your kid to explore, to ask more questions, to try various solutions. You are definitely not helping them by solving all their problems. Allow them to search for an answer, to find the best solution there is and even to fail sometimes. Make sure though that they learn from their mistakes and that they are not afraid to try again.


Being Happy on Their Own

Teach your kids to be independent, to enjoy life and to find happiness in small things! Teach them to be happy on their own, tell them they don’t need to rely on anyone in order to be fulfilled. Respect your child’s privacy and allow him or her to have some alone time, so they will be able to dream and discover who they are and who they want to be. They will feel more secure emotionally as adults and they won’t make so many bad choices or stay in a toxic relationship because they fear they will never be loved by anyone else.



I believe this is a skill we all need to work on from time to time. It’s never too late to be compassionate, but I think it’s extremely essential to teach your child from a very early age to care about other people’s well-being, to be tolerant and respectful, and to be happy by making other people happy. Set a good example to your little one and show him or her what compassion means. Be kind and always help the ones around you!

Help your children be prepared for everything that might happen later in their lives, because you never know how this world might change in the future and what skills they will need in order to face all the obstacles they might come across. What skills have you taught your child? Do you know any other important skills every kid should learn? Please share your opinion with us and tell us what other things should be added to this list.

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