Top 7 Things to Teach Your Children ...

At a very young age, you should start teaching your children how to read, write, have manners and to be respectful. However, the teaching does not stop here. There are many others things that you need to teach your children. Let me give you the top 7 things to teach your children …

7. Gun Safety

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Even if you do not have a gun in your home, you should teach your child the dangers of guns. They could go to a friends house where they do have a gun in the home. I have heard many horrible stories on guns with kids – those two things definitely do not mix. They shouldn’t even be touching guns and guns are certainly not cool – make sure you tell them about this.

6. Not to Talk to Strangers

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It is definitely important that you teach your child to not talk to strangers – I don’t care who the strangers look like or how nice they look, you should never speak to them. You can teach them this one by practicing it yourself and not talking to strangers.

5. Read Everything You Can, but Don’t Believe Everything You Read

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Teach them that it is good to read, yes. However, teach them that they should not believe everything they read.

4. How to save Money

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Of course, I believe you should teach your child how to save money. Start young on this one. As they grow older, teach them the “dangers” of credit cards and don’t use those credit cards yourself – if the child grows up with you constantly “swiping it,” then he or she will think it is perfectly fine to do the same thing … and get in debt.

3. Confidence

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A confident person will now who they are and have an idea of where they are going in life. A confident person will not let others get them down. So, take a moment, tell your children about confidence and set some goals with them..

2. Bullying

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I did a couple of posts last week on here about bullying. I did one on bullying facts that I believe you should look into. The statistics on there are horrible. Teach your child not to bully other children. You should also teach them that if they are the one being bullied to not let it bother them and to talk to someone about it.

1. Love

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You should start teaching your child love at a young age. I always find it sad when a parent teaches their child to hate. Those children who are taught to hate usually grow up to hurt others along with themselves. Those children who are taught to love grow up physical, emotionally and psychologically sound.

Those are the top 7 things to teach your children. Remember, these are children of the future. If you do not bring them up properly, then what is going to become of society? What will become of the world? Don’t you agree with me on this one?

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