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7 Times I Feel I'm a Bad Parent ...

By Mercy

Bringing up children is a lot like a roller coaster ride. There are times that are filled with joy, accomplishment and a sense of pride. And then, there are times when you just can’t help feeling that there is something wrong somewhere and that you are not doing a good job as a parent. Here is a list of 7 times I feel I’m a bad parent.

1 When I Shout at My Kids

Shouting at my kids is definitely one of those times when I feel I’m a bad parent. Although I am aware that my kids love me and losing my temper once in a while is not going to change that, I always regret shouting at my kids instead of reasoning with them.

2 When My Kids Underperform

When my kids don’t do as well as I think they can in school or at sports, I am always left feeling that it is because I did not give them enough encouragement or that I could not provide them with the right environment to do their best.

3 When My Kids Fight

When my kids fight amongst themselves or with other children, I always feel that it is because I have not brought them up right. I know this is natural behavior on part of the kids, but I always end up blaming myself.

4 When My Kids Misbehave

Whether at home or school, if I find out that my kids have been misbehaving, I certainly feel like I am a bad parent. I feel that if I had taught them the right things and taught them right from wrong properly, they would have behaved better in front of people.

5 When I Can’t Get Them Everything They Need

I don’t want to give in to all the whims and fancies of my kids and want them to learn discipline and self control, but times when I know I cannot afford to give my kids something they want and I would like for them to have are times when I feel like I am a bad parent.

6 When I Make Compromises

There are times when I have to make compromises in life. Whether it is not giving them the healthiest snack, but the quickest one or not spending enough time with them so I can work, I feel my children deserve better and that I am being a bad parent.

7 When My Kids See Their Parents Fighting

There will always be disagreements between couples. But, I believe that children should not witness fight amongst their parents. Whenever I know that my kids have been watching their parents fight, I feel like I am being a bad example to them and a bad parent.

These are just 7 times when I feel I’m a bad parent. But, there are many other occasions that make me feel the same. At the same time, I am aware that it is impossible to control everything and that all I can do is to do my best.

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