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7 Reasons to Let Go of Mommy Guilt ...

By Alicia

Having mommy guilt isn’t beneficial which is a good reason to let go of it. While it’s good to take steps to improve yourself as a parent, guilt isn’t any part of that equation. Nevertheless, mommy guilt is something that can plague each of us. If you’re struggling with mommy guilt, here are some good reasons to let go of it.

1 You Can’t Be Perfect

Here’s one of the very good reasons to let go of mommy guilt. You can’t be a perfect mom. None of us can. That’s an impossible standard that no one can live up to. It’s better to set the goal of being the best mom you can be each day. Some days you’ll be a little better than others and that’s okay.

2 Motherhood is Hard

To say that motherhood is hard is a little like saying that chocolate is nice. It’s a vast understatement. Motherhood is very difficult but thankfully, it can also be very rewarding. It’s important to cut yourself some slack and realize that you’ve taken on an enormous task. The very fact that you care what kind of mother you are makes you a good mom.

3 It’s a Waste of Time

Mommy guilt is a waste of time. It robs you of time that you could be enjoying your children. Do something better with your time and your thoughts. Focus on the fact that you’re doing your best as a mom. Think about what wonderful little people your children are and how lucky you are to be their mom.

4 It Isn’t Productive

Mommy guilt isn’t productive. If you know that there’s something you’re struggling with as a mother and you’re taking steps to correct it, then that’s productive. Just sitting around and feeling badly that you fed your kids fast food twice this week or that you were short on patience isn’t going to do anyone any good. A lot of things aren’t worth feeling badly about, anyways. They’re just part of everyday life with children.

5 There’re Worse Parents

This’s something my husband reminds me when mommy guilt hits me. Most likely your kids could do a lot worse than having you as their mom. As long as you’re meeting their needs and trying to be the best mom that you can be then you’re doing okay. Problems only come in if you don’t care about your children’s needs or what kind of mom you are. If either of those is true then you more than likely wouldn’t care enough to read this article.

6 There’s No Perfect Path in Parenthood

There are many different schools of thought on the right way to raise a child. But none of them have been proven as the one and only way to make sure you have a great child and a great relationship with them. Parenthood is something you kind of have to figure out as you go. You have to do what’s best for you and your child and you’re both unique individuals. Therefore, your parenting path isn’t going to look exactly like anyone else’s and that’s okay.

7 It Holds You Back

The last reason to get rid of mommy guilt is that it holds you back. Maybe you could be out playing in the snow with your sweet children but instead you’re inside feeling badly about yourself. You may have had a bad day with your kids yesterday but that doesn’t have to ruin today. Don’t let Mommy guilt hold you back. Determine that each day is a fresh start.

These are some great reasons to kick Mommy guilt to the curb. Is Mommy guilt a struggle for you? What helps you to feel better when it hits?

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