13 Signs You May Be Pregnant ...


For lots of first time moms, signs you may be pregnant could be helpful if you are wondering but haven’t taken a test yet. Taking a pregnancy test is an easy way to tell if you are pregnant, but some pregnancy tests won’t reveal if you are pregnant until 10+ days after your missed period. And even though a test boasts 99% accuracy, there is still that chance that you could get a false negative. Read on for a few signs you may be pregnant if you don’t want to wait to take a test!

1. Tender Breasts

Tender breasts are one of the biggest signs you may be pregnant! While many women have tender breasts close to the arrival of their period, a missed period with the presence of tender breasts is a pretty big indicator of pregnancy. Most women experience tender breasts throughout the whole first trimester. A good bra helps with this issue.

Frequent Bathroom Trips
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