13 Signs You May Be Pregnant ...


13 Signs You May Be Pregnant ...
13 Signs You May Be Pregnant ...

For lots of first time moms, signs you may be pregnant could be helpful if you are wondering but haven’t taken a test yet. Taking a pregnancy test is an easy way to tell if you are pregnant, but some pregnancy tests won’t reveal if you are pregnant until 10+ days after your missed period. And even though a test boasts 99% accuracy, there is still that chance that you could get a false negative. Read on for a few signs you may be pregnant if you don’t want to wait to take a test!

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Tender Breasts

Tender breasts are one of the biggest signs you may be pregnant! While many women have tender breasts close to the arrival of their period, a missed period with the presence of tender breasts is a pretty big indicator of pregnancy. Most women experience tender breasts throughout the whole first trimester. A good bra helps with this issue.


Frequent Bathroom Trips

Feeling like you need to run to the restroom every 5 minutes? Frequent urination is common with pregnancies, especially during the early stages! Don’t cut back on the amount of water you drink if this presents a problem for you. Just try to stay near a bathroom and completely empty your bladder every time you go.



While frequent urination is common in pregnancies, unfortunately so is constipation. Everything in your body is going through changes, so things may not fall into place right away. Don’t strain yourself; you don’t want to cause hemorrhoids. Increase your fiber intake, and drink lots of water to get things loosened up!


Dizziness or Fainting

Not all women deal with morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy. Some women have fainting spells, or get dizzy easily. If you have noticed dizzy spells or fainting, then it may be a sign of pregnancy! However, you should call a health care provider if you do experience these symptoms, as they can be signs of other health concerns as well.


Extreme Emotions

With pregnancy comes lots and lots of hormones, so it’s inevitable that you will be experiencing mood swings if you’re pregnant. Drastic changes from one minute to the next are normal, so don’t worry if you’re laughing one moment and bawling the next, it’s just a sign that you may be pregnant!



Pregnant women have a high demand on their bodies, so it makes sense that you may experience fatigue if you’re pregnant. Feeling a little more tired than you usually do throughout the day is a top sign that you may be pregnant! Lie down and rest when possible, since your body can use the extra sleep at this point in your pregnancy.



Some of my friends claimed that the first signs of pregnancy they noticed were headaches off and on throughout the day. If you don’t normally have headaches, and you start noticing them more frequently along with a missed period, then it could be a sign of pregnancy! Bring this up to your doctor, since he or she may want to check to find out if your headaches are a sign of other health concerns.


Shortness of Breath

Here's one I never knew about! Since the fetus growing inside of you needs oxygen of its own, that might leave you feeling a little short of it. Unfortunately this symptom might not go away because the as your baby grows, it may start to push on your diaphragm and lungs which continue to be short of breath throughout your pregnancy.



Unfortunately this is another symptom that may stick around through your pregnancy. If you don't normally have backaches and your lower back all of a sudden starts to hurt, you may be pregnant. This backache is due to your ligaments loosening. This may continue as your posture changes throughout the pregnancy.


Cravings and/or Food Aversions

This one could get kind of annoying, but if you start craving things you normally don't want or turning away from foods you normally love this could be a sign of pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant and you suddenly notice these weird feelings towards food, this may be your body trying to tell you that you're right. Annoyingly enough, food cravings can also happen while you're PMSing so don't use this as a final determination as to whether or not you're pregnant.


Sense of Smell

When you're pregnant there is a chance that you might get "super smell." Your sense of smell becomes extremely sensitive to the point where bad smells may cause you to get sick. Some smells that pregnant people I know have become sensitive to are perfumes, garbage, and fresh cut grass. Who knows why certain smells impact people more than others, but if you start to notice smells more strongly than ever before you may be pregnant.


Cramping and Spotting

This is probably one of the more annoying symptoms of pregnancy. This spotting is called implantation bleeding and is caused when the egg is attaching to the wall of your uterus. This is obviously also a symptom of getting your period, so how can you tell? Unfortunately you'll have to pay attention to other symptoms before you decide that you're probably pregnant.


Basal Body Temperature

Not everybody tracks their basal body temperature, but if you have been trying to get pregnant than you likely have been. If your basal temperature is slightly higher than normal in the morning, than you may be pregnant! This doesn't mean if it's raised one or two days because it's also higher right after ovulation, but if your temperature is higher than normal for two weeks, you should definitely check that out because there's a good chance you're expecting!

If you have several of these symptoms on top of a late or missed period, you may be expecting a baby! If you have a negative home pregnancy test, but these symptoms are still present, then schedule a blood test with your doctor right away. Mothers out there, what are some of the signs you may be pregnant that you have noticed before in your own pregnancies?

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I tested 4 times,and Is all negative! Period is late for 4days. I don't have any sign of pregnant. But I'm scared. Anyone can give some advice?

I have all of these!! Plus my period is late..

Katherine my advice to you is to set up an appointment get checked out, never know what's could be going on in there. As women we need to take care of our bodies

I have irregular periods.. But I'm not protected during intercourse, I'm almost 2 months late, & my emotions are going crazy! I took a test few days ago & it was negative? What should I do?

I have all these and more. No positive tests, no cycle. Doctor's appt on Wednesday. The wait is killing me!

With all these symptoms, it looks like I've been pregnant for the past 2 years. Lol!


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