7 Fun Family Dates at Home That Everyone Will Enjoy ...


While it’s important to take the time out once in a while for you and your partner to have time for yourselves, family dates are incredibly fun and can be extremely cheap if you plan them around things you can do at home. These fun family dates are great for kids of all ages and are equally fun for you and your special someone! Kids love feeling included, so start a tradition and hold a family date night once or twice per month, using these ideas to kick things off!

1. Decorate Mugs

Creative and artsy family dates will get your kids' imagination revved up and reactivate your own at the same time! Dollar Tree sells white mugs for $1 a piece, so you can buy as many of them as you need for your family. Write each family member's name on a slip of paper and let everyone pick a name out of a basket. Each person draws a name from the basket and decorates a mug for that person. Make sure the mugs are completely clean and dry before using OIL BASED Sharpies to write or draw on them. Using the oil based type ensures that the marker won’t wash off, even in a dishwasher. Once you have all decorated your mugs for each other, place them upside down on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees and let it heat up with the mugs inside. Once it has reached the correct temperature, bake them for 30 minutes before carefully removing them and allowing them to cool down. Now each member of your family has their own mug for coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

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