7 Super Fun Summer Activities Your Kids Will Love ...


7 Super Fun Summer Activities Your Kids Will Love ...
7 Super Fun Summer Activities Your Kids Will Love ...

The end of school is just around the corner, which means that if you are a parent, you are probably scratching your head trying to think of summer activities for the kids. It can be a challenge to think of activities that will keep your kiddos entertained, but with just a little thought, you can easily come up with some activities that they – and YOU – will enjoy. To help you on your quest, here are 7 summer activities for kids that will help make this glorious season one to remember.

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Head to the Beach

One of the most well-loved summer activities for kids is the beach. What could be better than the sand, the surf and the sun? Bring along some sand toys, boogie boards, blankets, and sunscreen, pack a picnic lunch and you’ve got yourself a summer activity that will keep those kiddies squealing with delight.


Play in the Water

If you don’t live near the beach and planning a trip to the beach is out of the question, you can always keep your kids cool by planning some fun water play activities. One option is to go to a pool. If you don’t have a pool, check your area for a local pool that you can enjoy. Other fun water activities to consider include water balloon fights, playing in the sprinkler and playing a toss-the-wet-sponge game. Basically, anything that incorporates water and that will keep your kids active is a sure-fire winner.


Go to a Fun Park

Thrilling rides, fun shows and games and prizes; what’s not to love about a fun park? Plan a trip to a fun park (believe me, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one) and your kids will love you forever. These parks have activities that all ages can enjoy – even mom and dad!


A Day at the Museum

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that your kids have to stop learning. Plan a trip to a museum and give your kids some culture this summer. There are several different types of museums to choose from — art, history, science and even fun, interactive, child-friendly museums. While a trip to a museum will certainly help to expand horizons, add a little more food for thought by asking your kids questions pertaining to what they see – or perhaps by creating a scavenger hunt for them to go on while at the museum.


Have a Picnic

Enjoy some family bonding time on a picnic. Pack up some of your kids’ favorite foods, a blanket, a few books and some toys (a kite, a ball and a Frisbee) and head outdoors. Go to a park or even just your backyard and enjoy some time outside together.


Play Board Games

On those days when it is just too hot to head out, or on a rainy day, have some fun indoors with some board games. Pull out some old-time favorites and enjoy some laughs together as you play a few games as a family. Everyone will be sure to enjoy some giggles and memories to last a lifetime.


Go to the Movies

Another activity to enjoy this summer when the heat is blazing or the rain is falling is a movie. There are loads of blockbusters that come out during this season. Head to the theater, grab a few tubs of popcorn and some candy and catch the latest flick. Save a few bucks by catching a matinee.

If you’re like me, you are all about the summer. These are activities I did when I was a kid, and activities that I plan on enjoying with my soon-to-be three-year-old (who happens to turn three this summer!). Do you have any specific plans to keep your kiddos occupied this summer?

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Beach? What if you're landlocked?

I personally think this would only apply to some children. Ages 5-8. Most older children just love the opportunity to play with their friends that they gained over the year or play some sports of their choice.

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