9 Fun Indoor Activities That Your Toddler Will Enjoy ...

When the whether is cold and wet, it can be challenging to find fun indoor activities for toddlers that they will enjoy. Toddlers are incredibly active, and being a mom of a 2 year old boy, we're always on the go! So I've compiled a list of fun indoor activities for toddlers that my son adores and I hope your child does too! These are also really simple and mess-free!

1. Tickle Fights

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The absolute best sound in the world is a child's laughter - so innocent and full of life! Children love to laugh and have fun, especially with their parents. Tickle fights are one of the many super fun indoor activities for toddlers and parents alike! Take turns tickling each other, laughing and playing!

2. Story Time

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Reading to your toddler is essential for speech and cognitive development. Children love books and they love the sound of their parent's voice! Read often and read a variety of books. My 2 year old loves to read on his own and point out things he recognizes. This can take up a lot of time and it's time well spent, both for learning and for enjoyment!

3. Coloring

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Coloring is also a fun yet mellow indoor activity. Having a variety of coloring books, paper, markers, crayons and such s ideal for those days where you need a quieter indoor activity.

4. Play Dough

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Play dough is the ultimate toddler activity! So great for motor skills, learning shapes and forming animals, and it's relatively mess-free! You can even get molding clay that bakes in the oven for a fun and precious reminder of your time indoors!

5. Helping with Chores

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Toddlers love to help mommy and daddy with grown up activies. Helping out with chores allows your toddler to be involved, be engaged, learn responsibility, learn a new skill and most importantly he will be entertained! It's quite the trade off for those dull chores that have to get done anyway!

6. Sorting Games

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Sorting games can take up a lot of indoor play time because there are so many fun varieties! You toddler can sort toys by types or color, kitchen items, beans into muffin tins, different items by size, and more! The list goes on!

7. Dancing

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Dancing is my favorite indoor activity because of how carefree and fun it is! Kids absolutely love music, dancing and singing! Every morning my son and I have a little dance party - it's the perfect start to your day! Children also have no perception of dancing quality so there no reason to hold back if you're a terrible dancer (like me). Plus, it's a good way to get in some cardio!

8. Racing Games

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A great way to expend some pent-up toddler energy is to race around the house, door to door and room to room. This is so fun and active and can be done in any size space because of toddler's small steps! You can also race toy cars, shopping carts, stuffed animals, you name it.

9. Solo Play

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Solo play is a good chance for mom and dad to get some relaxation time to themselves while still having the kids be entertained! A safe playroom within earshot, stocked with toys and books and games is a great place for solo play. Toddlers also love independence and this is a wonderful opportunity for them to achieve that.

When you're stuck indoors for whatever reason with an active toddler, it's best to be prepared! Having a few fun activity ideas up your sleeve will assure a happy and entertained child! Let's hear some of your fabulous and fun indoor activities that your toddler will enjoy!

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