7 Things to do when You Are Kid Free ...

By Bridget

7 Things to do when You Are Kid Free ...

While being a parent is certainly a joy, it does make you enjoy your adult time all the more - and there are plenty of things to do when you are kid free. Looking for some fun things to do during your adult-only time? Here are some fun things to do when you are kid free.

1 Go out

Top on the list of things to do when you are kid free is to go out! You can't really go out to a bar, a comedy show or a concert when you have your kids with you, which means that when you don't have your kids, you certainly can! Grab a few pints at your favorite watering hole - or a new one - go dancing with friends, go yuck it up at a comedy show. Just go out and be an adult!

2 A Date

Remember what it was like before you had kids? Remember your guy picking you up and taking you out on the town? Well, how about going on a date night when you don't have the kids? Eat dinner out, without chicken fingers, crayons and temper tantrums. Go for a walk. Do something that you both really enjoy together. Get to know each other again and enjoy being together.

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3 Take a Nap

I know it may sound silly, but what about taking a nap when you don't have the kids? I know it is something that I always try to do. Being a parent is exhausting. Add to the demands of parenthood everything else in your life and it's amazing you're still standing! So, make some time to take a nap when you are without the kids.

4 Get a Massage

There is nothing more relaxing and de-stressing than a massage. It helps you release all of that built up tension, loosens your muscles and makes you feel like a person again! When you don't have the kids, go ahead and treat yourself to some pampering and get a massage.

5 Go Shopping

Of course, you can go shopping when you have your children with you, but you have to admit it's hard. It is quite difficult to find clothing you like and try it on when you have kids pulling at your apron strings.

6 See a Movie

If you're like most parents, you probably haven't gone to the movies to see a non-animated flick since your kids were born! When you are kid free, go ahead and see that new rated R movie you've been dying to see!

7 Have a Party

Being kid free is certainly reason enough to have a celebration! When we are kid free, we often invite a bunch of friends over and have a little soiree. I'm not talking about a big college-type bash, but a gathering of your nearest and dearest, a few bottles of wine or beer and some adult conversation is certainly something that is enjoyable to do when the kids aren't present.

When our son was born, my mother promised us that she would take him overnight once a month. It has been three years and she has certainly been true to her word. Each and every time she takes him, we make the most of our kid free time. While we certainly love our son, we also do love our adult time. These are just some of the things that we enjoy doing when we don't have our little guy. How about you?

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