Top 10 Things Children Enjoy Doing ...

By Aprille

Top 10 Things Children Enjoy Doing ...

Kids never seem to run out of things to do. One of the joys of being a kid is that anything can be turned into a game of some sort. Raising kids of my own, I’ve seen quite a few new ideas put into action. Here’s a list of the top 10 things children enjoy doing. Whether they are toddlers or pre-teens, I’m sure you can find an assortment of kids who enjoy most or all of these activities!

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Making Mud Pies

I remember making very authentic looking mud brownies when I was a kid. They were so realistic, that I actually got my little sister to taste one. It was the highlight of my day! Needless to say, she’s never forgot that incident. Not only is mud pie making a great pastime for kids, but basically anything to do with playing in the mud.


Seeing Who Can Swing the Highest

This seems to still be a popular competition to start at recess. I’ve seen numerous kids swinging with all their might to try and swing higher than their peers. They always seem to have smiles plastered on their little faces too. It’s such a cute sight to see!


Spinning in Circles

I remember when I used to spin in circles until I fell down or fell off of the spinning chair I was in. Now, it makes me feel utterly nauseous. If kids can’t find something to spin on – a swivel chair, merry-go-round, or another spinning object – they will take turns spinning each other around. I remember loving the feeling of being too dizzy to stand. It’s amazing how this feeling makes a person feel more scared when they reach a certain age.



Girls tend to be more into this activity than boys are, however, boys will sometimes at least get involved with drawing pictures. Little girls are content with a giant coloring book and a huge box of brand new crayons. There’s nothing like a nice sharp crayon.


Finger Painting

Whether the finger paint is a package of store bought tubs of primary paste or chocolate pudding, there’s something about creating a picture by messy means. I think finger painting is one art form that kids enjoy from the time they figure out how to control their own hands. I haven’t met a kid yet that didn’t like to finger pain.

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Playing with Friends

Little kids are like a bunch of puppies; they prefer a pack of their own kind to being alone. I remember begging my parents to have friends come over to play with me or to be allowed to go to a friend’s house. I’m sure being an only child created a more urgent sense of needing other kids my own age around.


Going to the Park

The park is to little kids like the mall is to teenagers. It’s a hangout place for children who want to check out what the other kids are doing. I spent many hours at the park down the road from my house when my oldest son was a toddler. He just couldn’t get enough of that giant wavy slide.


Watching Cartoons

Back when cartoons were only able to be seen after school or early on Saturday morning, watching cartoons was a rarity. Today, cable channels are dedicated to cartoons. Where was this when I was little?! Some kids will sit open-mouthed in front of a television as long as cartoons are being shown on its screen.


Pretending to Be Something else

Who didn’t do a lot of pretending as a kid? Kids can turn themselves into anything they want; a princess, a king, a dog, a cowboy, an astronaut, and anything else they can conjure up. The only thing that makes pretending even better is when costumes are available as well. How fun is that!


Helping Someone They Admire

If you have multiple kids or work with kids, then you’ve most likely seen this happen. Kids get a kick out of helping an older sibling perform a task, no matter how mundane it might be. When a child is asked to help out, by someone whom he/she looks up to, this causes some of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen.

These are commonly the top 10 things children enjoy doing. What are some activities that you’ve noticed kids enjoying?

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