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7 Red Alert Signs That Your Child is Aggressive ...

By Mercy

Every child may show signs of aggression once in a while, depending on the situation. But, this does not necessarily imply that your child is aggressive. On the other hand, if your child is showing signs of aggressiveness on a regular basis, it is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately and effectively. Here are some red alert signs that your child is aggressive.

1 Has Frequent Temper Tantrums

Has Frequent Temper Tantrums Image source: andrewmooreonflickr

While all of us get angry, there is a big difference between justified anger and temper tantrums. Children tend to throw temper tantrums when they are very young and unable to express themselves well, but if they continue over a prolonged period of time, they may be one of the signs that your child is aggressive.

2 Your Child Excludes Other Children

If you find that your child is in the habit of excluding other children from his activities, you may want to pay attention. If you don’t think it is a sign of being an introvert, it could well be a sign of aggression.

3 Your Child is Physically Aggressive

Do you find that your child is unnecessarily physically aggressive? Signs that your child is aggressive include hitting, punching, biting, tearing things up, slamming doors, etc.

4 Your Child is Verbally Aggressive

Your Child is Verbally Aggressive Image source: 1001things

Do you find that your child is being too strong worded when the occasion does not demand it? Do you find that your child uses threatening or cruel language when it is unwarranted? These could be signs that your child is aggressive.

5 Point of View

When a person can only see things from his or her point of view, it is easy to get inflamed when things do not go the way they would like them to. This is as true for children as it is adults and is a factor that can lead to aggression.

6 Feeling of Being Wronged

One of the reasons why a child is aggressive is when they feel that they have somehow been wronged. If a child feels that they he or she is unwanted, unloved or uncared for, it can lead to aggression. In early stages, a child is likely to vocalize these grievances and you ought to watch out for them and address them effectively, yet with care.

7 Insensitive to Others

When a child shows signs of insensitivity towards others, it may well be a sign of aggression. Typically, children are mindful of others and their feelings. But, if you find that your child, thinks, reacts and behaves in a way that shows insensitivity to the feelings of others, you may want to sit up and take notice.

Aggression in children can lead to a number of problems. You child may end up becoming a bully or may end up developing severe psychological problems. The earlier you detect the signs that your child is aggressive, the quicker you will be able to look for solutions and the more effective the solutions will turn out to be.

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