7 Ways to Help a Sick Child Feel Better ...


7 Ways to Help a Sick Child Feel Better ...
7 Ways to Help a Sick Child Feel Better ...

When you are the parent of a sick child, the only thing you want to do is make them feel better. There are several things that you can do at home that will help comfort your little one through times of sickness with a cold or the flu. Here are 7 ways to help a sick child feel better.

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Catch It Early

Pay attention to early signs of sickness. If you notice your child looking flushed or acting lethargic, stop and check for a fever. Catch it early and get to the doctor before it gets bad.


Cool Compresses

Place a cool washcloth on your child’s forehead. Even if your little guy doesn’t have a fever, he will feel better having a cool compress on his head. This is a good time to access the situation and decide how to proceed.


Get Some Fresh Air

If your little princess is puny, but doesn’t have any real symptoms like fever or aches, try taking her outside for a short walk. Fresh air has restorative properties and does wonders for providing temporary relief from sinus infections and nausea. If the child is too sick to go outside, you should open the windows in their room for a few minutes or at least set up a small fan to circulate the air.


Draw a Warm Bath

Encourage your child to take a warm bath. Like fresh air, the steam created from the warm water will help clear up their sinuses, making it easier for them to breathe. An added bonus is that the warm water will help relax any sore muscles they might have. If the child is sick because they are starting to develop chicken pox or a virus that produces hives, you should add some oatmeal to the bath water which will help ease the itching.


Offer Bland Foods

Don’t give your child anything hard on the stomach on sick days. Stick with blander choices like saltine crackers, plain white rice (no butter!), bananas, or dry toast. Offer carbonated clear drinks like Sprite or 7-Up to calm an upset tummy.


Give Lots of Cuddles

The best thing you can give your sick little one is love. They might not want to play, but they will want to cuddle and listen to a story. You should not be at surprised if they would rather sleep with you than in their own bed.


Push the Fluids

Make sure that your child is getting plenty of fluids. If you can’t convince your little one to drink it, offer it frozen as a Popsicle or crushed ice with fruit juice. This will seem like a special treat to your child, but they will ultimately prevent dehydration.

When your child is sick, it can make you feel helpless. Even though you can’t take away their pain, you can still offer some comfort on sick days. What do you do when your children are sick?

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Carbonated drinks like 7-up and sprite? Are you sure?

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