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I think being a parent makes me much more aware of the dangers life has to offer. Like any parent, I want to make sure my family is always safe and sound. I think prevention is the best way to make sure no harm comes to me or my family in any situation. Here are 7 tips on protecting your family that you can use or alter to fit your own lifestyle.

7 Check Smoke Detectors Regularly

The batteries in smoke detectors should be changed every six months. I only know a few people who follow through with this. The ones in my home are connected to the electrical wiring within the house, which means there aren’t any batteries for me to replace. The difficult part about this is that they don’t work when the electricity is out, such as during a severe ice storm or some other type of natural disaster that takes out the power to the house. This is why I have a couple of battery operated smoke detectors as well.

6 Place Fire Extinguishers in Appropriate Locations around the House

The kitchen is a prime area for fires. Be sure to check that you have the proper fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Some of these safety devices are made specifically for grease fires, while others hold pressurized water that would only cause a grease fire to spread. It’s best to purchase an extinguisher that can be used on different types of fires; paper, grease, or electrical.

5 Install Quality Locks on Doors and Windows

I don’t think locks should be skimped on. It’s a good idea to replace all the door locks on a home you’ve recently moved into. Who knows who else obtained a key from the previous owners? Installing deadbolts on outside doors is always a great idea, in my opinion. I know a window lock is no match for a burglar, since all he has to do is break the glass and climb through the window frame. However, a quality window lock might be just the thing to deter a person who is simply bored and looking to wreak some havoc. There are some excellent windows on today’s market that are extremely durable and able to withstand the use of a baseball bat on them. This might be something you want to look into if you live in a high-crime community.

4 Position a Few Motion Sensor Lights around the House

This is a cheap form of protection that might seem too simple to actually do any good. Do you think a burglar is going to continue breaking into your house once a bright flood light is shined on him? Most people tend to run when they are caught breaking and entering. If you can hook an air horn or a speaker with a barking dog on it to this motion sensor, then you have your very own security system that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

3 Join a Neighborhood Watch Program

I’ve heard good and bad things about these programs. Close knit neighborhoods tend to do very well when everyone is involved in the neighborhood watch program. However, things can be a bit sketchy if you are new to an area and find it difficult to make friends. If you can’t trust your neighbors, then joining a watch program in that particular area might be hard.

2 Install a Security System

Although these can be costly, who wants to put a price on their family’s safety? I sure don’t! Professionally installed security systems enable the authorities to be alerted when your home is broken into. Some of the fancier versions are also designed to notify the fire department if your smoke detectors go off.

1 Discuss an Emergency Plan That Everyone Can Follow

Having a safe place to go is one thing, but it won’t do you any good if no one knows the correct way to get there. I remember the drills I had to go through at school. I think these are good to perform at home as well. There’s nothing worse than a panicky child during an emergency situation. Be sure to cover all types of emergencies as well, not just natural disasters. Teach kids how to dial 911 and make sure they know how to supply all the correct information emergency services would need.

Use these 7 tips on protecting your family in any way you can. What measures do you take to ensure your family’s safety?

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