7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Children ...


7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Children ...
7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Children ...

As a mother, there's no one you love more than your children. It's very important to cultivate that relationship with your child while they are young. I was blessed to have an amazing mother who made every day fun and vibrant! She's still the one I look to for advice and friendship now that I'm grown. Do you want to be your child's best friend and the one they come to for advice? You can make it happen! Here are 7 daily relationship tips for your children. Put them to work and watch your relationship blossom!

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As the start of a new week, mondays are no one's favorite day! As you send your child off to school, slip a little treat or note into his backpack to help make the day a little brighter. My mom used to write messages in chocolate syrup on our cupcakes or cookies. Sometimes she would cut our sandwiches into fun shapes. Be the mom that puts a cookie in your child's lunchbox!



What do kids love the most on a hot summer day? A water balloon fight! You don't have to get soaking wet, but if you want to, add some buckets to the mix! And popsicles are another favorite on a warm day so have plenty of those stocked in the freezer. You can have a blast and feel like a kid all over again while you take a break from the heat and bond with your children. Wow, talk about multi-tasking!



My mom had a treasure chest. Not a literal one filled with rubies and diamonds, but it might as well have been to me and my siblings. It was a box filled with little trinkets and goodies that she picked up here and there and saved for special occasions. Anytime we were especially good, finished all of our homework or chores, or just needed a little something extra on a bad day we got to pick something from the box. fill it with things according to our child's likes. stickers, candy, hot-wheels, coloring books, barbies, silly putty, play dough, mini flashlights, bouncy balls, colored pencils, story books and little plastic animals are a few great ideas.



Have you ever taken the time to just really listen to your child? Sometimes kids don't come right out and say what's bothering them but with a little tender love they will open right up in that honest way that only kids can do. Take some time to talk with your child and make sure there's nothing bothering them or on their mind. Kids can sometimes keep things under the surface and as adults we're so preoccupied that we don't notice. Don't let your child crawl up into a shell. Have someone on one time together!



One thing kids really, really love is bedtime stories. Seriously, they do! I still remember having bedtime stories read to me and I'm sure other people do to. If you've never had this tradition before why not start it? You could work on a collection of books from the same author, you could read from a giant book of fairy tales, or you could make up stories from your head. Kids also love the choose-you-own-adventure books. I remember reading those to my siblings when they were younger! Find out what your kid likes and go from there,



Saturday is the perfect day for a fun filled day at home. The cost? $0!!!!! yes, you heard me right! All you need is a picnic basket, a tent made from blankets in your living room, and a good imagination. You can spend a day together watching movies, playing board games, blowing bubbles in the kitchen or making play dough animals and masterpiece paintings. Or you can do all the above. Spend an entire day devoted to your child and focus on having fun together, just the two of you.



If there's one thing that kids want from there parents more than anything, it's their support and encouragement. Make it your goal to be a supportive parent! Don't tear down your child's dreams and self-esteem, instead be patient with them and help them work towards that goal. A little encouragement goes a long way. Try it and see what happens! If you want your child to be able to come to you with things in their life that don't really matter as much, make yourself available to them with the things that do matter. You'll see how much of a difference it can make!

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, but such a blessing in the end. Knowing that you put a smile on that tiny face, knowing that you are the one they look up to and love more than anyone and knowing that they hold you close to their heart is the most special feeling in the world. Make sure you cultivate that relationship with your child! It pays off in the end!

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