8 Ways to Build Your Child's Self Confidence ...


8 Ways to Build Your Child's Self Confidence ...
8 Ways to Build Your Child's Self Confidence ...

Molding your child into a well-adjusted individual requires many years of patience, love, understanding, and teaching her how to have all the self-confidence in the world. The following list includes 8 ways to build your child’s self confidence. I hope you find them useful in showing your child all the possibilities available to her and how to achieve anything she desires. Having an abundance of self confidence is the key that will open more doors in life.

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Give Her Responsibilities

Teaching your child how to become responsible for herself at an early age. If she’s able to do things on her own, she will feel surer of her abilities. It’s also beneficial for her to learn how to help out around the house with chores like the rest of her family members.


Encourage Self-expression

Kids who are allowed to express what they are feeling tend to have a much healthier outlook on life than kids who keep everything bottled up inside. Try to teach your child how to express herself without losing her temper. The sooner she learns how to effectively get her point across without becoming irate, the easier it should be for her to make things work in her favor.


Be a Good Role Model

If you display your self-confidence for your child to see, then she will have a positive force to follow. Eventually she’ll be able to successfully show her own style of self-confidence, but it does help to have a good example to mimic at first.


Let Her Know How Much You Love Her

Feeling loved helps kids become more secure with who they are at a very young age. If they know they are loved for who they are and not what they are capable of, then kids feel sure of themselves.


Help Her to Have a Good Self-image

Too many kids get their self-confidence crushed when they think they don’t have the look that is popular at the time. Teach your child that it doesn’t matter what brand of jeans she wears or what music she listens too. As long as her style and what she likes and dislikes makes her happy, then that’s all that matters.


Teach Her How to Make Good Decisions on Her Own

Kids will make mistakes, just as adults will. No one is perfect. Kids need to understand mistakes happen and these incidents don’t make them bad people. Work with her on deciding ways to determine whether she’s making a good decision or not. Show her how to weigh out the consequences of her actions and how to figure out if she’s heading in the right direction with her decision.


Give Praise when It’s Due

Most kids want to please their parents. Praising your child when she’s done well will boost her self confidence and make her feel good about her accomplishment. Offering words of praise in front of other people from time to time never hurts either.


Be Supportive

The amount of support you provide you child can determine how much self confidence she has, even at a very early age. Cheer her on as she colors a picture for you, congratulate her on the book report she turned in, or celebrate her passing of the driving test. Show her just how proud of her you truly are.

I think these 8 ways to build your child’s self confidence can be used on kids of any age. It’s never too early to start showing your child how to be confident about herself. What ways have you helped to build your own child’s confidence level up?

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