10 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids Stuck inside ...


10 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids Stuck inside ...
10 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids Stuck inside ...

There are many great rainy day activities for kids out there, and all the news about Harvey should alert every mother to the possibility of being caught in a similar situation. While most adults will need to volunteer their services with respect to clean-up, children will need to be entertained. These rainy day activities for kids can come in handy during an emergency, or any time when kids have to stay indoors.

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A Puppet Show

Children love watching puppet shows. By the same token, they welcome the opportunity to put on their own show. Of course, parents need to provide them with some type of “stage.”

Tie a rope onto two chairs and hang a blanket over that same rope. Have the children get behind the blanket and stick their hands in the air above the make-shift “stage.” The kids can also put socks on their hands, or use stuffed animals as puppets. As the parent, you will be the audience.


Long-delayed Projects Can Be an Option

Is there a toy, like a dollhouse, that your children now ignore? Could it be cleaned up and donated? If “yes,” then you should know what to do next. Of course, you cannot expect your children to do all the work. You will need to get the ball rolling, by demonstrating how to get this toy ready for donation.


Play a Card Game

If that starts to bore them, use the same cards to create another game. Have them try to build something, like a castle for little children or, a fort but older children.

Mom's can keep kids from giving up before they have really tried to build anything, by providing an example of how a few cards can be arranged to support other cards. Words of encouragement help prolong this game as well.


Remember That Rope between Two Chairs?

Try replacing the blanket with a sheet. Shine a light on the sheet, so that those behind the sheet can create images. Now your children have the chance to put on a different sort of show.

This can be used to create a game, rather than a show. One child performs an action behind the sheet. The other child must guess what that action is. Alternatively, a child could try forming some animal’s head, like a bunny. Then the second child tries to guess what animal it is.


A Similar Game Can Be Played without a Sheet

It involves nothing more than doing pantomimes. If your children are not familiar pantomiming, then you will have to teach them. Embrace this chance to add another activity to what could become a boring day.

After your children learn how to pantomime, encourage them to think up messages that might be sent via pantomiming. This will help them see purpose behind the new game. One child uses hand and body movements to send a message, while the second has to guess what that message is.


Arts and Crafts

Have some paper and crayons handy. Make sure the children have a hard surface. Encourage them to release their frustrations on paper. This can be a form of therapy. It was used at a Baha’i Center in Los Angeles after the rioting that took place in 1992. Children drew pictures of what they had just seen, lots of buildings on fire. While they were drawing, the adults discussed what actions they could take. Thus they put together a new after school program.


Children Will Not Want to Spend All Day Coloring

Have on hand some objects that can be glued together, like Popsicle sticks. Encourage the kids to make some type of tiny structure, like a small building or a statue.

You can also use colored paper to create something useful. Cut the paper in strips. Have the kids weave the strips together into mats to create his or her own placemat. It can then be placed on the table at the next meal.


Explore the Wonderful World of Books

A child can read a book or listen while someone else reads a book to a small audience. This could possibly motivate some kids to make a book.

It is a good idea to have items on hand that can be used to hold the pages of a book together. If you have a hole-punch, then you ought to have yarn, ribbon, metal rings or other objects that can substitute for the binding material used by book manufacturers. If no one wants to make a book, suggest making of cards. They can be saved to use for a birthday or other holiday.


Children like to Be Active

When they cannot go outside, you must help them discover other ways to move their muscles. Learn about different yoga positions and encourage the children to try them.

Another idea is to sing songs, and add hand and finger movements to them. Get the kids acquainted with similar movements used to communicate with a deaf person. In that way, they can realize how their new activity might one day be used to help someone else.


Do Not Overlook the Activities That Can Take Place in the Kitchen

A rainy day is a great time to do some baking. Make cookies or cupcakes, and keep kids busy decorating those same tasty treats.

A boy might want to do some simple experiments. Fill a bowl with water and add some ice cubes. Fill a cup to the brim with water and see how many paper clips can be added before the water spills over the sides. These are experiments that do not create much mess, but can trigger a child’s fascination. That then helps the time pass more quickly.

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