20 Fun Pilgrim Crafts for Kids This Thanksgiving ...

By Eliza

20 Fun Pilgrim Crafts for Kids This Thanksgiving ...

If you have little ones at home, pilgrim crafts are a fun way to keep them entertained during the Thanksgiving holiday. You can use them to decorate your home or set them out for the kids to do while the turkey and mashed potatoes finish cooking. No matter how you decide to do it, pilgrim crafts (or any craft for that matter) build a child's fine motor development and encourage creativity. Also, they are just plain fun! Check it out.

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1 Paper Boat

Paper Boat Source: Paper Boat: {Easy} Thanksgiving Craft ...
Paper plates, straws and paint are all you need to make this epic project. It has to be one of my favorite pilgrim crafts.

2 Pilgrim Hats

Pilgrim Hats Source: Preschool Crafts for Kids*: pilgrims
These cute pilgrim hats are easy to make and aren't too difficult, even for little kids.

Frequently asked questions

A pilgrim craft is a fun activity where kids can make art projects related to pilgrims, who are an important part of Thanksgiving history. These crafts often include making things like hats, clothes, and ships that look like the ones pilgrims used a long time ago.

Yes, preschoolers can definitely do pilgrim crafts! There are many simple and safe craft ideas that little kids can enjoy doing with materials like paper, glue, and crayons.

Some fun pilgrim craft ideas include making paper pilgrim hats and bonnets, coloring pilgrim-themed pictures, creating a Mayflower ship out of construction paper, and even making little pilgrim puppets with popsicle sticks.

Pilgrim crafts can be made suitable for toddlers by choosing activities that are age-appropriate, like simple coloring pages or making handprint turkeys. Always make sure that the materials used are safe and non-toxic for little ones.

You can make Thanksgiving more fun by setting aside a special time for kids to show off their creativity with pilgrim crafts. By making things like placemats, table decorations, or even a pretend Mayflower, kids can get excited about the holiday and learn more about Thanksgiving history.

3 Paper Bag Tepees

Paper Bag Tepees Source: Art with Mr. Giannetto
Chances are you have some brown paper lunch bags at home. Use them to make these teepees that the pilgrims may have lived in at one time.

4 Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls Source: 3 Tips For The Best ...
Make a whole crowd of pilgrim friends this year.

5 Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cup Holders

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cup Holders Source: Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups
If you cut the bottom out of your cup, you can make your hats a place to hold crayons (or other small art supplies).

6 Pilgrim Kids Hats

Pilgrim Kids Hats Source: theuncoordinatedmommy.com
Customize a pilgrim hat for everyone in your family.

7 Edible Crafts

Edible Crafts Source: 5 Thanksgiving Treats Almost Too ...
Kids love to eat treats, so make some of these together.Just try to finish them before your kids eat all the ingredients.

8 Donut Mayflowers

Donut Mayflowers Source: Thanksgiving/Fall Party Ideas | Photo ...
Speaking of edible crafts, this tasty treat is one that no child will be able to pass up.

9 Pilgrim Bonnet

Pilgrim Bonnet Source: scoop.it
This pilgrim bonnet is easy to make, but really fun to wear. Little girls will love them!

10 Quill Pencils

Quill Pencils Source: Around the Kampfire: Eat More ...
Your kids are going to love writing with these pilgrim inspired writing utensils.

11 Thanksgiving Bracelet

Thanksgiving Bracelet Source: Inspired by Kindergarten: Thanksgiving Bracelet
Use this tutorial to make a fun bracelet that your kids can use to tell the Thanksgiving story.

12 Pilgrim Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Source: PILGRIM THANKSGIVING NAPKIN RINGS
What a fun way to add festive flair to your Thanksgiving table.

13 Use a Photo

Use a Photo Source: Crafting |
Your kids will love seeing what they might have looked like as a pilgrim.

14 Handprint Boat

Handprint Boat Source: Our Little Monkeys: Thanksgiving Tot ...
Kids love getting messy, so this handprint boat is a fun way to indulge that.

15 Pilgrim Puppets

Pilgrim Puppets Source: Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Thanksgiving ...
Use some of those brown paper bags you have on hand to make some cute puppets. Then put on a show.

16 Mayflower Facts Book

Mayflower Facts Book Source: The First Grade Parade
This is fun to make and will teach your little ones all about the Mayflower.

17 Paper Plate Teepees

Paper Plate Teepees Source: Preschool Thanksgiving Activities
Paper plates are cheap and make great things to make crafts out of. You can get a big pack at the dollar store.

18 Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Source: 10 FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages ...
You simply can't go wrong with a pile of coloring sheets for kids of all ages.

19 Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Pilgrim Hat Cookies Source: Pilgrim Hat Cookies
You are going to love making these just as much as you love eating them.

20 Native American Styled Necklaces

Native American Styled Necklaces Source: Krazy for Kindergarten Goes to ...
The pilgrims traded with the Native Americans so they probably wore necklaces like this one a lot.

Do you see a craft you want to try? Don't you just love making things with your kids? It's definitely one of my favorites! Use some of these fun ideas to make this year one that everyone will remember.

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