7 Creative Thanksgiving Day Crafts for Kids ...


7 Creative Thanksgiving Day Crafts for Kids ...
7 Creative Thanksgiving Day Crafts for Kids ...

I can’t believe the holiday season is already approaching, so this year I want to get a head start on things like Thanksgiving Day crafts for kids. After we are done tackling these, we can start on our Christmas Day crafts! If you’re looking for creative ways to keep your little ones occupied on cold autumn days, then you’ll love these Thanksgiving Day crafts for kids.

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Tabletop Turkey

Tabletop Turkey How adorable is this guy? Isn’t he the perfect Thanksgiving Day crafts for kids of all ages? Your little ones will love this so much that they’ll probably want to keep him as a toy all year long! Most kids just draw their hand on construction paper to hand draw their turkey, but a craft like this one can really bring Thanksgiving to life. With a little paint, colored paper, a pom-pom, and a set of googly eyes, your kids will have this creative guy done in no time and be ready for more!


Turkey Hat

Turkey Hat From the tabletop to your child’s head, there will be turkeys everywhere on Thanksgiving Day this year! Kids love party hats, so why not make this holiday more fun for them while the adults are preparing the food and watching the big game on TV? They can design the hat themselves and decide whether they want to be either a turkey or a pilgrim. Which do you think your little one would prefer?


Place Card Holders

Place Card Holders Instead of just placing names on a card for each seat, ask your kids to help you with this creative turkey place card holder to make each place setting more festive! One way to really get in the holiday spirit with this craft is to ask your kids to write why they are thankful for that person on the back of each name card. Then during dinner, each person can read aloud what their card says!


Thankful Calendar

Thankful Calendar You have probably seen and made many Christmas advent calendars that look like this, however this is for Thanksgiving. Each day your kids can count down to turkey day by opening up a new envelope on the calendar and reading aloud the things to be thankful for. Or you can have each family member write what they are thankful for each day and open them all on Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving Wreath Display your children’s reasons for being thankful right on your front door with this lovely Fall wreath. Your older kids will appreciate this Thanksgiving craft project because mom is asking them to help with something that isn’t too childish. However, your younger ones can still write on the leaves and pick out what color fabric mom is going to use.


American Indian TeePee

American Indian TeePee DIY life size teepees are very popular on craft and mom blogs this year, so why not bring that trend to your Thanksgiving Day table with these adorable mini teepee centerpieces?! Your kids can dress them up with Native American designs and colors after mom or dad have hot glued them together.


Pilgrims & Indians

Pilgrims & Indians Your kids can help tell the story of Thanksgiving Day when they make their own paper pilgrims and American Indians. This is a craft your little ones will really love and they will probably want to make more paper dolls for other holidays.

What are some of the Thanksgiving Day crafts for kids you have planned this year?

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That tabletop turkey is cute enough for a Christmas hat outside America!

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