7 Fall-themed Crafts to Create with Preschoolers ...

Preschool-aged children are wild about crafts, and what better way to celebrate and teach them about the fall season by creating some fall-themed crafts with them? Back when I taught preschool, my students always looked forward to craft time, and they learned a lot about the world around them through the crafts we created. Now, as a parent, I love creating different crafts with my own little preschooler. Here are some of my all-time favorite fall-themed crafts for the preschool age.

1. Apple Prints

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Of all of the fall-themed crafts for preschoolers out there, this one is an oldie, but a goodie. In fact, I remember doing this one when I was a tyke. In order to create apple collages, simply cut different types of apples in different ways. You can cut them in half, in thirds, in quarters, lengthwise, widthwise and what have you. Fill a paper plate with a shallow layer of washable fingerpaint (I like using fall-themed colors) and encourage your youngsters to dip the inner part of the apple pieces into the paint and help them press the paint-covered part onto a sheet of paper. Easy peasy and you've got some simple, yet super cute, fall art that your kiddos will love.

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