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7 Cute Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids ...

By Bridget

With the coming of my favorite holiday, my house is all a-buzz with tons of Halloween projects, and I simply adore getting my son in the mood for the season with some fun Halloween craft ideas. Crafts are wonderful activities for kids. They are engaging, they teach fine motor, gross motor and language skills and they serve as a wonderful way to teach about the world around us. Plus, they are just a great way to bond and fun way to pass the time. Oh, and I also love displaying the finished projects as decorations. So, on that note, here is a look at some of my favorite Halloween craft ideas for kids.

1 Pumpkin Masks

Pumpkin MasksOf all the Halloween craft ideas, this one is probably my favorite, and my little guy had a blast with it. Just cut two eye holes out of a paper plate and have your little one help you cut or tear pieces of orange paper. Glue the paper onto the back of the paper plate until it is totally covered. Draw a Jack-o-lantern mouth on the plate and then glue a Popsicle stick onto the bottom of the plate. When it's all dry, your child can use the stick to hold the mask up to his face. Super cute!

2 Footprint Ghosts

Footprint GhostsThis is a great keepsake craft. Paint a thin layer of white fingerpaint onto the bottom of your child's toes and feet and have him carefully step onto a piece of black paper. When the paint dries, draw a pair of eyes on the heel and a circular mouth just below the eyes, turning the footprints into ghosts. Write the date on the paper so that you can look back and remember how tiny your little one once was.


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3 Pumpkin Bags

Pumpkin BagsTurn some brown paper bags into cute pumpkin decorations. Stuff a brown lunch or grocery bag with crumpled up paper and twist the top closed, using a piece of yarn to secure it. Paint the part below the yarn orange and leave the top brown (this will be the stem).You can be finished with the craft at this point, or you can use black paint to create a Jack-o-lantern face.

4 Paper Ghosts

Paper GhostsDid you ever make ghosts from paper towels when you were a kid? Well, I did and my son loves making them today! Just ball up a small piece of paper towel and place it in the center of a larger piece of paper towel. Use a piece of fishing line to tie the larger towel around the base of the balled towel, creating the shape of a ghost. Use a marker to make a face and hang the ghost up with the fishing line. We have tons of these all over our house!

5 Paper Plate Ghosts

Paper Plate GhostsPaper plates really are a wonderful tool for kids crafts. For this one, just draw a ghost face on a white paper plate and then cut lengths of white streamers and glue them to the bottom of the plate. Attach a piece of yarn to the top of the plate and you have a super easy and cute decoration.

6 Handprint Spiders

Handprint SpidersThis is another great keepsake craft. Paint the underside of your little one's hands with black fingerpaint. Have him press his hands onto a piece of light-colored paper so that his fingers are pointing out and his palms are touching. His fingers should also be spread out. When the paint dries, attach two googley eyes onto the palm and you have a spider - the fingers are the legs and the palms are the body.

7 Ghost Bottles

Ghost BottlesTurn empty soda or water bottles into cute ghosts. Clean out the bottles and remove the labels. Have your child fill the bottles with cotton balls or crumpled up pieces of white paper. Use a permanent market to draw the face of a ghost onto the bottle.

I absolutely adore these Halloween crafts and so does my son. Which ones are you thinking about trying?

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