7 Summer Kids Crafts That Both You and Your Kid Will Love ...


7 Summer Kids Crafts That Both You and Your Kid Will Love ...
7 Summer Kids Crafts That Both You and Your Kid Will Love ...

The summer is when all kids should be heading out into the great outdoors and enjoying nature, but when that isn't possible, keep your brood entertained with some fun summer kids crafts. When the temperature spikes or there is a downpour and they just can't get outside, there is no reason why you have to rely on the television as a source of entertainment. Instead, put on those creative caps, pull out some supplies and get to crafting. There are tons of summer kids crafts that will keep everyone entertained.

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Ocean in a Bottle

Ocean in a Bottle Of the many summer kids crafts, this is one of the easiest, and one of the most enjoyable. All you need is an cleaned out plastic bottle (a juice bottle is perfect). Take off the label and let kids add some beach-inspired goodies: sand, shells, sea glass, etc. Fill the bottle 3/4 full with water and add a few drops of blue food coloring. Screw the tops on real tight (you may even want to secure it permanently by adding some glue around the edge of the lid before you twist the top on) and shake it. Voila! An ocean in a bottle!


Sun Catchers

Sun Catchers I know you have some old CDs lying around. Instead of tossing them or letting them collect dust, turn them into funky sun catchers. Help your kids cover the label side with paper. They can then decorate the paper with markers, crayons, stickers or whatever they want. String a piece of twine through the center of the CD and hang it up in a window. The sun will bounce off the back of the CD and create a lovely spectrum.


Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Add some of your child's personality to your garden with a customized stepping stone. Buy one of those pre-made stepping stone kits from a craft store and follow the instructions. It's quite simple, really. You'll fill a mold with some cement (included in the package) and your kids can personalize the wet cement with their handprints or footprints and with some stones and jewels.


This DIY project is perfect for any age of child and is an easy way to add a personal touch to your garden. The pre-made stepping stone kits are available at most craft stores and come with everything you need to make your own personalized stepping stone. All you need to do is mix the cement and fill the mold, then let your child have fun adding their own handprints, footprints, stones, and jewels. The stepping stone can be used as a decorative element for your garden, or even as a unique and personalized gift for family and friends.



Sunglasses No, you aren't actually going to MAKE the sunglasses, but you can decorate them. Get some plain sunglasses, paint, markers and faux jewels. Your kids can use the supplies to decorate the frames however they want. The end result are some cool customized shades.



T-Shirts This is another simple craft that kids will simply adore. Pick up some plain T-shirts and some products to decorate them with. Fabric paint, iron-on transfers, gems - or even a tie-dye kit - are all perfect. Kids will have tons of fun making their own designs.


Patriotic Windsock

Patriotic Windsock Show your pride with a patriotic windsock. All you need is a plain sheet of white paper, a stapler, red and blue crepe paper streamers and some red and blue markers. Let kids draw some designs on the paper and then form it into a cylinder. Staple the ends of the cylinder together and attach some streamers to the bottom. Finish it up by attaching a piece of yarn to the top and hang it outside.



Lantern Light a path, or any outdoor area with a homemade lantern. Clean out a glass jar (baby food, pasta sauce or jelly jars are perfect) and remove the label. Let kids decorate the outside of the jar with water resistant markers. When they're done decorating, pop a candle inside and light it up. Easy, peasy!

These are kids crafts that I have tested and that I personally approve. Are any of them catching your fancy?

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I like them all!! & I would do them with my friend lol :)

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