7 Adorable Yet Inexpensive Crafts That Kids Will Love ...


7 Adorable Yet Inexpensive Crafts That Kids Will Love ...
7 Adorable Yet Inexpensive Crafts That Kids Will Love ...

School is out for summer and the forecast is calling for rain; thankfully, with some inexpensive and cute crafts for kids, you won’t have to worry about hearing, “Mom, we’re bored!” when the skies are gray. These crafts for kids are super easy to create and the results will be so cute, your kids will be thanking you for the creative ideas.

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Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Don’t throw out those empty toilet paper rolls: stock up on them to make cute animal crafts for kids. When your kiddies are looking for something to do, pull out the toilet paper tubes, as well as some paint, some paper, some markers and maybe some googly eyes and stickers, and turn those tubes into cute animals. Encourage your tykes to use their imaginations to create animal paper tubes. Looking for some suggestions? Try making a lion, an elephant, a monkey and a zebra. Use the finished crafts to put on a puppet show, to play with or just to use as decoration.



Wait! You can make more than just animals from those empty toilet paper rolls. Your kids can also use them to make binoculars. To do this, they just have to decorate two tubes with markers, paint, crayons or stickers. When they are done decorating, arrange the tubes side-by-side and staple them together. Punch a hole on the outer edge of each tube and thread a piece of yarn through the holes. Kids can use the yarn to hold the binoculars on their necks and set out to find treasure on the high seas, watch for birds or whatever else they can think of!


Cherry Blossom Branches

This is a craft that I did with my preschool students years ago for a unit on spring and we all loved it! To make these beautiful cherry blossom branches, collect some bare branches from outside. Crumple up bits of pink tissue paper and glue them randomly onto the branches. When the glue dries, arrange the branches in a cup, a vase or a jar.



If your kids are anything like my little guy, they love collecting rocks and seashells at the beach. Turn those rocks and shells into friendly monsters on a rainy day. Let your kids use some paint, glue and googly eyes to create a family of friendly monsters.


Fingerprint Animals

Kids can turn their fingerprints into a work of animal art. Just give them some paper and finger paint. Let them dip any of their fingers into the finger paint and press them onto the paper. When the pain dries, they can use markers to turn the prints into animals.


Paper Plate Masks

Surely you have a supply of paper plates somewhere. Keep the kids entertained by letting them make funny masks with the plates. Help them cut out two holes for their eyes in the center of the plates. Then, they can use craft supplies and their imaginations to make funny masks. They can hold their masks over their faces and have a parade around the house.


Paper Plate Wreaths

You can also use paper plates to create wreaths. Cut the center out of the plates and your kids can glue objects around the remaining portion of the plates, or decorate them with crayons, markers and whatever other craft supplies. Hang the completed craft up on a wall for some homemade décor.

Are you wondering what to do when your kids are wandering about aimlessly this summer? Which of these projects do you think they’ll like the most?

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