Have an Egg-cellent Easter with These Fun Ideas for the Family ...


I’m sure you’re getting excited for Easter (I know I always get excited about it)! If you’re blessed with great weather and a crowd of people, I’ve listed some fun ideas and great ways to spend this holiday below.

1. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

I don’t know about you, but I used to really enjoy playing this traditional game of ‘hide and seek’ with my family. I’m thinking ‘hide and seek’ in terms of an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt. Mix it up – play this game in a communal park or inside your home. Buy some Easter-themed stuffed animals (chicks or rabbits) and small toys and keep things interesting by creating a treasure hunt map, leaving clues for the next ‘treasure’ hiding spot. Make sure to set some boundaries too, so that the participants are wandering far and wide! When a family member finds the animal or toy, they should be able to trade it in for ‘treasure;' maybe a fabulous Easter basket or some homemade chocolate crispy nests and other goodies.

Decorate Eggs
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