Summer Activities Parents Will Enjoy as Much as Their Kids ...

School’s out and it’s up to you to keep them entertained. But what can you do with your munchkins that won’t bore you to tears? It turns out that there are actually quite a lot of summer activities you can enjoy as much as your kids. Here are 7 ideas to inspire you!

1. Trips to the Movies

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What’s not to love? It’s nice and cool inside the theater, they’re quiet and still for once and you can enjoy 90 minutes of blissful rest. It’s true that the movies they enjoy may not be your first choice, but many kids movies are still a lot of fun. My husband and I really enjoy watching the movies our kids choose. Many movie theaters offer free or discounted movies in the summer too, so be sure to keep your eyes open for those deals.

2. Making S’mores

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Fellow moms, I confess this is on my list of fun things to do this summer and not just for my kids but for me! S’mores are irresistibly delicious and even fairly low cal if you can stop at one. They’re fun to eat and they’re fun to make. If you want to completely check out of dinner duty then pick up some hot dogs to roast, too. If it keeps me out of the kitchen then it’s a fun activity to me!

3. Watching a Fireworks Show

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Fireworks are fun and make the 4th of July special. It’s a great way to end a day filled with grilling and family times. If you’re lucky, your little one may even drift off to sleep on the way home. Some small children are afraid of the noise fireworks make though, so it’s best to be prepared to watch from the car if necessary. I did this with my daughter for a couple years when she was younger.

4. Building Sand Castles

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Most children love to play in the sand. Some children are amused for minutes and others can spend their whole day on this activity. Making sand castles is still fun as an adult. I’ve spent several beach vacations making them with my children. Be sure and take pictures of your creations so you can remember making those memories together.

5. Lazy Days by the Pool

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Aren’t lazy days by the pool the best? Your children are happy and occupied. You can enjoy soaking up the sun and reading a good novel if your children are old enough to swim without you in the pool. Supervising from the sidelines is a nice way to spend the day. You can soak up the sun without feeling any guilt. After all, it’s quality time together.

6. Going for Ice Cream

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Going for ice cream is a treat for everyone. Kids love it and let’s be honest, we mommies do too. If you’re like me then you don’t allow yourself to enjoy ice cream very often. Going out for it with your kids is a good excuse to indulge. If you still want to watch your diet then there are always low calorie options to choose from.

7. Forgetting Bedtime Once in a While

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I don’t know who loves this more, moms or kids. After a school year of being in the rush-rush of routine from morning to bedtime, it’s really nice to relax the schedule once in awhile. Of course, there are days when you can’t wait for bedtime to come and that’s understandable, too. But it’s nice to know that you don’t have to stress over it in the summer. This gives you more options in the fun department, too.

These are 7 summer activities that parents can enjoy as much as their kids. What’s your favorite summer activity to do with your children? I look forward to being inspired by you!

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