Fun Things to do with the Kids in Fall That Keep You Fit ...


Fun Things to do with the Kids in Fall That Keep You Fit ...
Fun Things to do with the Kids in Fall That Keep You Fit ...

Fall might be chilly, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything for you and your kids to do. Staying active all year round helps keep you all at a healthy weight and wards of diseases and illnesses. Whether you're stuck in the house or can go outside, here are some activities to keep you all in shape while getting to spend time together making memories.

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Jump in the Leaves

Jump in the Leaves Not only does raking the leaves into a pile burn some calories, but jumping into them works your muscles and gets your heart pumping.


Go for a Nature Walk
Take a stroll through the neighborhood and collect fall leaves, pinecones and other stuff you can examine when you get home.


Hike in the Mountains
Most cities have easier trails that even tiny kids can master.


Go to a Pick Your Own Farm
While you and your kids are picking apples, squash, pumpkins or other fruits and veggies, you are burning calories and having fun at the same time.


Play Fall Sports
There are leagues for all ages in many cities and even if you aren't on the same team as your kids, you can practice together at the park.


Go to the Beach
Not to swim because it's too cold, but you can still bundle up and build a sandcastle.


Run through a Corn Maze
Many pumpkin patches have a corn maze. Run through it with your kids to burn calories and stay in shape.


Go for a Bike Ride
Many fall days are cold, but if the sun is shining, you can work up a sweat by going for a family bike ride.


Plant Some Fall Flowers
Mums are perfect for celebrating fall and autumn is also the best time to plant bulbs that will come up in the spring.


Go Fly a Kite
When the wind gusts during the fall, head to the park with your kids and fly a kite. You'll build your muscles and have fun too.


Play Hopscotch
Now that the weather has cooled off, you can play hopscotch in the driveway without getting too hot.


Go Fishing
Fall days can still be warm and spending the afternoon fishing is enjoyable and helps you stay active.


Go Bird Watching
Head to the local park and watch for birds as you walk around. Many are migrating right now so you're sure to see some action.


Go to a Museum
Too cold to be outside? Walk around the local kid's museum and you'll all spend the day being active.


Go Ice Skating
Even if it's not snowing, many ice rinks open in the fall, giving you a great chance to burn calories.


Play Charades
Stuck in the house? Get up and moving by playing charades with the kids. Choose fall themed things to act out to stay in the spirit of the season.


Go Swimming
Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't swim. Go the local rec center and hit the water.

What's your favorite way to stay active with your kids in the fall?

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I can do everything but ice skating my 9 month old can barely walk through the maze!! His first step WALKING a wonderful milestone 😊

Great ideas! I love going for a bike ride in the fall. In the afternoon when it's a little warmer though

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