7 Fun Activities for High-Energy Kids That Will Keep Them Healthy and Calm ...


7 Fun Activities for High-Energy Kids That Will Keep Them Healthy and Calm ...
7 Fun Activities for High-Energy Kids That Will Keep Them Healthy and Calm ...

If you have children, you know that finding activities for high-energy kids can be tough. They need to be able to exert that energy. Mom.Me has listed some great activities for high-energy kids, and of course, as a mom, I know quite a few myself! I’ve listed my top 7 for you below.

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This is one of the best activities for high-energy kids because we all know how tuckered out you can get from spending the day at the pool. It’s great exercise as well. Mom.Me also suggests lakes and sandy beaches to bring down that energy. If you live near a beach or pool, pack up your little ones and swim yourselves silly!



Racing games help to get rid of that extra energy quickly. Miles Groth, professor of psychology at Wagner College, suggests a series of races so that each child has a chance to win. Children, especially high-energy boys, do not resent losing. In fact, it spurns them on to win the next time.



I’m trying to convince my son to try gymnastics. According to experts, not only does gymnastics help your child channel all that wild energy, but it also promotes flexibility, coordination and a willingness to try new things, which builds self-esteem. Bonus!



Not only does hiking expend your child’s energy, it’s a good way to expose them to the beauties of nature. Make hiking a learning experience in addition to exercise. Collect samples or let the kids photograph the things they find really interesting. Then they’ve got something to do, perhaps a scrapbook, for when they need a bit of quiet time.


Rock Climbing

"Climbing uses the whole body and requires balance and concentration, which diverts energy and interest," says Groth, who picks climbing as a choice sport for children with ADHD. "Physically challenging, climbing brings the child to a place above the others. There is a goal to be reached, and this gives children a sense of accomplishment." I had never thought of rock climbing in this way. Next time my son wants to try it, I won’t be so hesitant to say yes.


Impromptu Dance Party

Rainy days can be a big problem when you have a high-energy child trapped inside. My son and I do our "kitchen dance," which I started when he was 2 years old. Basically, we march around the kitchen and clap our hands and it usually ends up with my changing directions and chasing him. Create a space for a dance party on those rainy days and get right in there with your children and dance!


Boat Rowing

"Rowing is a perfect energy-burning activity for kids," says Groth. "Rowing solo or with a group of friends engages the racing spirit but also requires cooperation — rhythm, agreement to move on." Try a small child-sized boat, an inflatable one will do, and let the kids use it in a pond, stream, or large swimming pool.

Dealing with a high-energy child can be difficult, especially coming up with something for them to do every hour of the day. Kids do need quiet time for reading or art, but that extra energy has to go somewhere. Give these activities a try and let me know which your kids liked the best.
Source: mom.me

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I babysit a very high energy kud, and he LOVES to dance around :)

I was a "high energy kid" when I was little and I can personally say that these were all great ideas!!

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