7 Things I Learned from My 1 Year Old ...


7 Things I Learned from My 1 Year Old ...
7 Things I Learned from My 1 Year Old ...

One year ago I had my first baby and I was clueless about what motherhood really meant, but since then there are a lot of things that I’ve learned from my one year old. That seems like a silly statement but between diaper changes, mommy groups, sleepless nights and temper tantrums you learn a lot from your little one. Some of the things you learn are about them, some of them are about you, most of them are hilarious looking back. Without further ado, here is my list of the things that I learned from my one year old!

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Nothing is Just Mine

This is one of the most important things I learned from my one year old. As I type this he is standing at my knee trying to steal both my notes and my laptop. Once you become a mom, nothing is just yours anymore. I’ve lost toothbrushes (he needs them for his 6 teeth more than I do I suppose), hair brushes, mascara, food and just about anything else that you can imagine, INCLUDING MY BODY! No longer is my chest just a chest. It became a playground, a mattress, a pillow, and a food source. But sharing with your little one is always worth it (well… ALMOST alway..)


Licking the Floor is an Appropriate Response to Anger

This is a silly thing that I learned from my baby boy. Every time that he gets angry he plants his face on the carpet and licks the floor (which is especially gross considering the fact that we have pets). But, as soon as he licks the floor he stops screaming and gets back up to play. Apparently the best way to blow off steam is to lick the floor and go along with your day.


No Two Days Are EVER the Same

My son is one of those babies that never takes a nap at the same time, never wants to eat at the same time and never wants to do the same thing every day. I am constantly on the lookout for new food, new ways to get him to sleep and new activities for him to do. No two days are ever the same for us.


Food Changes Flavor after Every Meal

So many of my mom friends can feed their little one the same thing for lunch and dinner some days but, not me. G man thinks that everything tastes different after he eats it once. For instance, one day he devoured chicken and stars pasta with veggies for lunch, when I tried to give him the same thing for dinner (It was a busy day, don’t judge!) he wasn’t having any of it. I wish I could say this was a one-time occurrence but really, it happens more often than not.


Sleep is for the Weak

I think pretty much every mother in history has learned this lesson pretty quickly! BUT, in his first few months of life my son brought a whole new meaning to the words "bad sleeper." He ONLY slept during the day. At night he slept in 15 minute chunks broken up by bouts of eating, pooping and a basic need to play. Luckily he likes to sleep at night now.


Growling is Hilarious

My son growls. Yes, growls like a monster. I don’t know where he learned it but every time that he does it, I can’t help but laugh (even if it just encourages him to do it more).


My Patience ISN’T Never-ending

So many new moms or expectant moms out there think that their patience is never-ending; I know that I did. But after a year, I learned that as much as you love your baby, there will be times that your patience will run out quickly. AND, that’s actually okay. You don’t have to be as super as the super mom you think you need to be!

Well ladies, these are the things that I learned from my little bundle of joy in his first year of life. What have you learned from your kids? Let me know down below!

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He growls at everything, the floor, the toaster, me, his favorite cousin. He just growls. It's hilarious and also weird.

Cute! And comment for Isabella, some 1 year olds start saying their first words and begin understanding the basics. A cousin started speaking clearly and bilingually by the time she turned 2. So it's very possible.

If i may ask, when he growls, what's he growling at? That's hilarious!

Ps a one year old growling, how is that even possible?

This was so cute!

This is adorable! My son is basically the same!

This was so cute !

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