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7 Interesting Things Your Babysitter Will Never Tell You ...

By Corina

If you’re a young working mother and you often have to leave your precious child in the care of a nanny, do you ever suspect that there might be a couple of things that she hides from you or do you ever wonder about the things your babysitter will never tell you? Well, I did my research and I was surprised to find out that there are quite a few things your babysitter will never tell you, because she doesn’t wanna upset or worry you. On the other hand it’s really important to have a happy and satisfied babysitter who can look after your precious child, so maybe from time to time; you should reconsider your attitude towards the person who spends so much time with your kid.

1 Babysitters Are Not Housekeepers

One of the things your babysitter will never tell you because she doesn’t wanna upset you or because she doesn’t have the nerve to tell you is the fact that you should realize that babysitters are not housekeepers and that you shouldn’t expect her to clean the mess your child made or even worse, to wash your dishes. If you want somebody who can help you with your chores around the house, you should hire somebody else. A babysitter is there to look after your precious baby and nothing more.

2 You Should Come Home when You Say You Will

Most of the babysitters out there don’t have the courage to tell you, but they want you to come home when you say you will. A babysitter’s time is not less important than yours. You expect her to be on time, so maybe you should also return home at the time you’ve agreed on. If you’re running more than 20 minutes late, you should call her, apologize and give her a nice tip when you return.


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3 Don’t Cancel at the Last Minute

Calling your babysitter to cancel at the last minute is not such a nice thing to do. You should announce it to her with as much notice as possible so she will be able to change her plans. I must remind you again that her time is just as important as yours. If you can’t avoid it and you must cancel that appointment within 24 hours, you should apologize and pay her at least half the money she could have earned during that appointment. In my opinion, this is only fair and also, is the nice thing to do.

4 She Might Not Agree with Your Parenting Methods

Some parents tend to pamper their children too much, and because they always spoil them, this could cause them quite a few problems on the long term. Your sitter might not always agree with your parenting methods, but she will never tell you that. A lot of kids really respond well to discipline and you should set some rules that they should obey and you should also establish some boundaries, so when they’ll grow up, they’ll have some good values that won’t change over time.

5 Children Need Their Parents’ Attention

Among the things your babysitter will never tell you is, of course, the fact that maybe you should pay more attention to your children and maybe you should spend a little more quality time with them. Children miss their parents a lot, so no matter how busy you are, try to make some time for your little ones. Most of the time, children can’t wait for their parents to return so they could tell them about all the great things that they learned or discovered.

6 You Should Warn Her when Your Child is Sick

A lot of the babysitters have confessed that they would like to be warned when the children they look after get sick. It’s only the nice thing to do. Maybe, your babysitter has some important meeting she has to go the next morning and she doesn’t wanna catch a cold or some other disease that she could get from your child. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about your child’s health. She has the right to choose if she takes the risk to get sick or not.

7 Don’t Undermine Her Authority

If your babysitter establishes a rule for your child, you shouldn’t cancel it when she leaves, because you undermine her authority and your child won’t listen to her the next time she has to take care of him. Also, you shouldn’t speak in a condescending way to your babysitter in front of your children, because a good sitter does know what she’s doing and you should show her some respect.

In my opinion, there are a lot more things your babysitter will never tell you. Can you suspect what those things might be? Or, if you are or have been a babysitter, can you tell us what other things you would never say to a parent? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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