7 Important Reasons Why Children Bite and How to Deal with It ...


It can be difficult to understand the reasons why children bite, especially if it's your own child doing the biting! It's common for children between the ages of 2-3 to go through a biting phase - my son currently is one of them. There are many reasons why children bite and almost none of them point to an aggressive or mean child. Take heart and know that it's a very common occurrence and have patience because it will be over soon! If you're not a parent yourself, this will be beneficial for you as well because you'll have more understanding that it's usually not a product of bad parenting. Here are some helpful reasons why young kids bite.

1. Teething

For younger children, teething can definitely be the culprit responsible for a harsh bite. Even when toddlers are cutting their 2 year old molars, they can feel the urge to bite down. Take note if they are biting other things as well like toys, pillows, and books. You could remedy the situation by soothing their teething gums with teething tablets and something solid and cold to chew on. Teething is one of the big reasons why children bite!

They Explore Things Orally
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