7 Things to do for Your Son That He Will Never Forget ...


7 Things to do for Your Son That He Will Never Forget ...
7 Things to do for Your Son That He Will Never Forget ...

There are so many things to do for your son that you might feel like your days are endless. True, raising little boys is never easy, but there are some things you can let go of and others that are vital to his well-being as he grows into an adult. So go ahead and pretend like you can’t see the pile of dirty socks on the bathroom floor and take the time to nurture your son so he turns into the man you want him to be. The following things to do for your son are some of the most important.

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Share His Passions

Here’s my secret: I don’t care about Star Wars. I’ve never watched the movies and I don’t know all the characters names. Yet, my boys don’t know this. Because when they want to read their Star Wars encyclopedia or talk endlessly about how the clone troopers defeat the enemy, I get excited because that’s one of the best things to do for your son. They know I’m into it because they are, not because it’s my thing. I’ve even been known to play with Star Wars action figures as if nothing mattered more. The point is, that your son is very likely to have a deep passion for something you don’t understand, but one of the best things you can do for your son is to open yourself up to sharing that passion.


Teach Him Life Skills

Maybe your son expects dinner to arrive on the table and for his clothes to end up clean and folded in his dresser drawer. You really short change him by not teaching him to do these things on his own. Even a toddler can help sort laundry and match socks. Teach your son to do laundry, cook, clean the bathrooms and organize your home. He might get upset now, but I guarantee he’ll thank you when he’s living on his own.


Take Him Places

Over my years of raising boys, I’ve found that they share a lot of information while riding in the car. So even though it’s easier to go alone, let him tag along to the grocery store or gas station now and then and you’re sure to have a conversation you’ll both feel good about. It gives you the chance to give him your attention without outside distractions so he knows you care about him.


How to Handle His Emotions

Every day at my house brings at least one fistfight. This is just how little boys solve their problems. However, it’s not socially acceptable to just whack someone because they stole your toy, so it’s important to teach your son how to handle his emotions. Let him know that anger is ok, but hitting someone isn’t, especially if that someone is a girl. Model healthy emotions yourself so he gets the picture without having to lecture him about it. Teach your son that tears are ok and that whooping joy is too!


To Be Himself

Maybe all the kids play football at recess, but your son would rather play on the swings. So what? You won’t do him any favors by encouraging him to do something he doesn’t enjoy. Of course, he’ll have to do things he doesn’t like, but forcing him to play sports, take up the electric guitar or read fantasy novels because his friends are is just going to make him feel bad. Encourage your son to foster his own passions and to be who he is. Trying to be someone you’re not is bad for self-esteem and you don’t want your son to deal with that.


To Be a Gentleman

Someday your son is going to grow up and start dating girls. I know, it’s scary, right? But don’t push it to the back burner because it will happen sooner than you think. Teach your son how to treat a girl long before he starts to date. He can practice with you by opening doors for you, pulling out your chair and using a respectful and kind tone of voice. At the same time, talk about how to treat girls so your son is ready when the time comes.


Personal Hygiene

Boys aren’t always well known for their hygiene skills. You’re his mom, so teach him how it’s done. Show him how to wash his body thoroughly and keep his hair clean. Buy him manly soaps and face washes to encourage him to use them. Teach him to clip his nails, apply deodorant and find clean underwear. He might be embarrassed now, but he’ll thank you someday that you took the time to prevent him from being the stinky kid.

What’s the most important thing for moms to teach their sons? There’s a lot of cooking and cleaning up after them, but when it comes down to it, your time and love are the most important.

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As a mom of three boys, I couldn\'t agree more!! Great article!

Great article! I have 2 boys aged 17 and 4. I\'ll definitely start getting my little one involved in sorting the washing! He\'ll love it!!

Beautiful article as a mother of a son who\'s one toddler will defi incorporate these tips

I'm a proud mommy of a beautiful son and I especially liked the tips about teaching your son to do things for himself and also how to treat women well...these are things I feel are lacking in recent generations and I plan to incorporate both into my parenting.

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