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Keeping a 10 year old stimulated is a challenge especially when you are constantly facing competition from the TV and latest video games. You don’t want your kids constantly glued to the TV, rather you want them to be outdoors doing or learning something. Clearly that’s easier said than done. Here are 7 fun experienced to give your 10 year old.

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Camping in the Garden

Get your child to begin enjoying the outdoors at an early age and you don’t need to wait until the next family vacation to do it. Get him to call a couple of friends over and give him a camping experience right in your back yard. All you need is a tent, sleeping bags and a flashlight. Boys are sure to love it.


Mock Theater

If your kids are inclined towards the arts and have a flair for performance, ask them to put together a mock theater for you. Give them a space in the garage or the backyard where they can set up a stage and curtain. Then leave it to them. Of course ensure you set aside time to watch their show.


Chocolate Making Day

Chocolate making is a fascinating experience and children love to see how it gets done particularly since they love gobbling down chocolates. Take them to a local chocolate factory or do it in your home. Show them how to melt chocolate and make their own truffles. It is sure to be a memorable experience.


Day on a Play Farm

A play farm with a few farm animals like a horse, pigs, cows and some ducks can be an appealing prospect for a ten year old who likes animals. Check with your local listings, you are sure to find an establishment nearby for the kids to spend a day familiarizing themselves with farm activities.


A Day at a Child Museum

Children’s museums are a fantastic experience for youngsters and 10 year olds can particularly benefit from them. They usually have innovative ways of teaching children common theories of physics, chemistry and other sciences. It encourages their imagination and also helps develop a healthy appreciation for complex subjects.


Visiting a children's museum is a great way to educate and entertain your 10 year-old. There are interactive exhibits and activities that help children learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in a fun and engaging way. The museum also offers hands-on activities that promote problem solving and critical thinking skills. Additionally, many children's museums have special programs and events that are designed to foster creativity, collaboration and communication. With the right museum, your 10 year-old can have a fun and educational experience that will help them develop important skills and knowledge.


Swimming, Rock Climbing or Other Sport Camps

If your ten year old has some time off like school holidays, then consider enrolling him in a sports camp like swimming or even rock climbing. There are some excellent programs for young children that can work wonderfully for all ages.


Model Building

An excellent experience for a ten year old is that of building his model aircraft or helicopter. Stop by your local hobby store and look for some box sets suitable for young children. Then take it home to your child and watch him pour over it all day. Ultimately the completed project will provide him a great deal of satisfaction.

Keeping older children entertained takes time and effort but it is not impossible. The key is to constantly maintain a dialogue with your kids, understand his or her interest and ensure you devote time yourself to his entertainment.

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