Top 8 Popular Board Games for Teens ...


Top 8 Popular Board Games for Teens ...
Top 8 Popular Board Games for Teens ...

One does not normally associate board games with teenagers, but the fact is that there are many board games that teens enjoy playing. Some games are liked because they help expand the mind, some help increase skills, but most because they are a lot of fun. Here is a list of the top 8 popular board games for teens and some of these are my personal favorites even now.

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Say Anything

Say Anything is a great party game that can keep teens amused for hours. It is a trivia cum betting game. A question is asked; players write down the answers and then have to guess which answer is secretly chosen by the person who asked the question. It can be great fun because the questions can invite a lot of silly and funny answers.


Wits and Wager

This is a step up from Say Anything. Here the questions are more knowledgeable, but the trick is in strategizing and betting soundly. You could win the game without actually knowing the answers by ensuring that you bet on the answers of players who you think know the answers.



Balderdash is a popular board game for teens as well as adults, but teens are sure to have a lot more fun out of it because they are sure to come up with rather amusing meanings of the words read out.


Apples to Apples

This is amongst the most popular board games for teens. It has also won a number of awards. It encourages a lot of fun and amusement and in no time at all the whole group is in uproar and thoroughly enjoying it.


Loaded Questions

This is another of the most popular board games for teens. It has a number of silly questions that invite even sillier answers and provides hours of amusement, relaxation and bonding.



This game is beloved by all and even teenagers love it. There are many activities in the game like sketching, sculpting, puzzle solving, singing and acting. Whether you are good at any of these or not, you are sure to have a great time with your friends.



Teens who like mathematics, especially algebra will love this board game. It is just like Scrabble, except that the tiles are numbers and mathematical operations. The board also looks like Scrabble and the rules are also very similar.



This is a strategy game that has a number of equivalents in other board games, computer games and video games. The game is like fitting in the pieces of the jigsaw while at the same time competing for territory. This game is sure to keep the players absorbed and involved for a long time.

As you can see, amongst these top 8 popular board games for teens, some are played merely for amusement, while others involve strategy, thinking and learning. If you want to gift a teen a board game, it is important to know what his inclinations are before you choose a particular game.

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We like Spontuneous! It's this fun game where you make a list of words and the other players try to be the first to come up with a song that has that word in it. You can find out what songs your kids like, and share some of your own. The looks on their faces are priceless, and sometimes I've had to blow the dust off some cassette tapes to show them that yes, there really was a song called "Rump Shaker!"

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