7 Hobbies for Retired Parents ...


7 Hobbies for Retired Parents ...
7 Hobbies for Retired Parents ...

We all know how great it is for parents when they first retire. To begin with they have all that extra time on their hands but pretty soon the novelty wears off and they start to struggle to find something to fill their days. To get them back into the swing of life to keep them both active and happy here are 7 hobbies for retired parents you might like to suggest.

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Digging up the Roots

A really fun pass time and one which the whole family will benefit from, is genealogy. By getting your retired parents to trace your family tree, it will keep them busy and it is always great to find about your roots.


Picture This

A very rewarding and enjoyable hobby for retired parents is a painting club. This way they will learn how to sketch and paint. They will meet others in the club and get to go out on trips to the country on painting expeditions which often mean they will have a picnic too. You never know they may even become very good at it so everyone in the family will have a picture they have painted hanging on the walls of their homes.


Tripping the Light Fantastic

If they are lost for things to do in the evenings, then get them involved in ballroom dancing. Again they will meet new friends and have a great time learning how to dance. It gives them a great opportunity of getting all dressed up for the occasion which is really nice for them as well as keeping them fit.



Another great and very suitable hobby for retired parents is photography, especially today when you can take a picture and then send it to the whole family over the Internet in a matter of seconds. Both your retired parents will really enjoy this because they can share their new hobby with each other and the whole family. They can capture the moment and then send the photo to all their relatives and friends.



Suggest to them they join a bowling club. This is a great sport which will not only get them out of the house, but it will keep them fit too. It is also another great way for them to meet new friends at the bowling club they join. It can be a very social occasion which is a lot of fun for them to be involved in.


Mind Body and Soul

For some martial arts lessons get them to join a Tai Chi club. This is another great hobby for retired parents that as well as being enjoyable, keeps them fit. It also means they are in a better position to fend for themselves if anything bad happens to them. It will make them feel less vulnerable as well as keeping them in shape, body and mind.


On the Greens

See if they would like to join a golf club because this is a great sport for both of them to do. There’s also a terrific social aspect to being members of a golf club because it means they are meeting new people. They are also out enjoying the great outdoors on a regular basis. The fact that playing golf will keep them occupied and fit is a really good point to consider.

There’s no reason for anyone who has finished their working life to sit around being bored or stuck at home all day in front of the television. There are plenty of places where details of local clubs and activities are posted so it’s just a case of looking for something of interest that would make suitable hobbies for your retired parents.

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I'm glad I got to read this post. I really value my Parents most that's why I'm searching for ways they won't be bored at home. thanks for the post, this is really helpful to me. =)

I'll be sure to show this to my parents for when they retire next year.

The best hobby of all is rediscovering who you are, now that the children have flown the nest and finding out who your partner is too. Parenting is a full on job and once the nest is clear before you start to clutter it up, step back and reflect. Who am I now? Who is this person next to me? What do we want together and separately now that the children have grown up? Cheers Rosemary

I know lots of retired folks join bird watching clubs, short trips to the casino, bridge club, etc. I would love to be able to retire and spend lots of quality time with my grandchildren. I think more grandparents should also take up this "hobby", rather than just thinking about themselves.

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