7 Summer Activities for Bored Preschoolers ...


7 Summer Activities for Bored Preschoolers ...
7 Summer Activities for Bored Preschoolers ...

Summer Activities for Bored Preschoolers **can be a lifesaver for any parent with young children. After all, summer can be a long season for kids that young, especially when the heat does not allow outside play. However, finding **summer activities for bored preschoolers that are fun enough to keep the kids entertained can be a challenge! Even the most creative moms and teachers can find themselves scratching their heads mid summer when the fun things to do have already been done multiple times. When you find yourself with a whiny 4 year old and the need for a few fresh ideas, try out these 7 summer activities for bored preschoolers.

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Have a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great summer activity for bored preschoolers. Take walk in the woods, at the park, or even in your home. Make a picture or word list of objects to find and show the kids how to check off the items as they find them. They will love the exploration and the fun of the hunt. If you have a large backyard or nearby park, you could include treasure like bird nests, caterpillars, or even turtles. Indoor treasure hunts could include household items like a pan, toilet paper, glue, and favorite stuffed animals. You can make it more challenging by adding colors and shapes to the list. Ask the child to find 10 red things or 5 square shaped items.


Make Your Own Water Park

Here's a great option to beat the summer heat. Grab a couple of baby pools, a slip-n-slide, and a lawn sprinkler and let the fun begin. Be armed with water guns, rubber ducks, balls, and sunscreen. Always make sure children are supervised by an adult and the water is no more than a few inches deep.


Have a Cooking Class

Preschoolers are naturally interested in measuring, mixing and eating. You can host your own cooking class and have your preschoolers be the chefs. This is a great time to talk about healthy food choices and even try some new foods. Kids are more likely to try new foods if they are involved in cooking, making this a fantastic summer activity for bored preschoolers. You can even use homegrown foods in your menu and have your children gather ingredients from the garden before you begin.


Make Your Own Play-Dough

Fun and easy recipes for play-dough can be found online. Allowing your children to help will add into the fun. Allow them to choose the colors they want. Offer them regular kitchen utensils to use during their play-dough explorations. Items like cookie cutters, plastic knives, rolling pans add to the fun. Worried about the mess? Give each child a cookie sheet to use as a tray. This makes clean up fast and easy!


Go to the Library

Take a field trip to the local library to open up a new world to your child; it's a tried and true summer activity for bored preschoolers. Many libraries offer summer activities for young children, including puppet shows, story telling, and crafts. While at the library you can check out books, puzzles and videos to keep your little ones occupied at home until your next visit.


Create a Play Group

Join up with a few other moms and have a playgroup once or twice a week. This can double the fun for the kids and gives parents some time for adult conversation. Meet in kid friendly places like parks, indoor playgrounds, and even your own backyard.


Have a Parade

Have a parade in your neighborhood and invite other children to participate as well. This is both a great summer activity for bored preschoolers and a fun opportunity for you to let your kids choose costumes and decorate bikes, wagons and tricycles. You can even help the children makes signs to invite neighbors to watch their parade.

There are lots of summer activities for bored preschoolers you can try this season. The sky is the limit with the fun you can have this summer! When the sprinkler and bubble soap starts to get old, try a few of these summer activities for bored preschoolers. Always remember that busy children are happy children. Kids behave better, smile more, and have happier parents when they have new activities to keep them busy. What do you like to do with your little ones during the summer? Think up some of your own summer activities for bored preschoolers and share them with us!

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