7 Reasons to Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes ...


Do you despair at the thought of letting your kids choose their own clothes? Perhaps you worry that they'll pick out clothes that are too old for them, but providing they avoid items that are inappropriate, there are some good reasons for giving your kids some say in picking out new outfits. Letting your kids choose their own clothes has the following advantages โ€ฆ

1. They Have Opinions

One of the reasons to let kids choose their own clothes is that they have opinions and tastes of their own. So why shouldn't they wear what they like? Even quite young children can have preferences in the type of clothes they like to wear. So let them express those preferences when you take them shopping. If they need a new sweater, let them pick the one they like most, or give them a few to choose from.

They Need to Develop Their Own Taste
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