7 Reasons to Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes ...


7 Reasons to Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes ...
7 Reasons to Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes ...

Do you despair at the thought of letting your kids choose their own clothes? Perhaps you worry that they'll pick out clothes that are too old for them, but providing they avoid items that are inappropriate, there are some good reasons for giving your kids some say in picking out new outfits. Letting your kids choose their own clothes has the following advantages …

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They Have Opinions

One of the reasons to let kids choose their own clothes is that they have opinions and tastes of their own. So why shouldn't they wear what they like? Even quite young children can have preferences in the type of clothes they like to wear. So let them express those preferences when you take them shopping. If they need a new sweater, let them pick the one they like most, or give them a few to choose from.


They Need to Develop Their Own Taste

Children need to develop their own tastes, and clothes are one part of that. You might not like what they want to wear, but remember that your parents didn't care for your style of dressing either! The chances are high that your kids will look back and be embarrassed at the things they wore, but they won't thank you for trying to stop them. Let them work through the stages of developing their tastes.


It's Easier

Sometimes, it's just a lot easier to let your kids wear what they want. Is it really worth the hassle of trying to make your daughter put on a dress for a family dinner when she really wants to wear jeans? There's no sense in creating unnecessary stress if you can have an easier life. Choose your battles carefully!


Teaches Them to Budget

One of the best lessons you can teach your kids is how to manage a budget. One way of doing this is to give them a clothing budget; it's especially useful for fashion-mad teenage girls. If she only has a fixed amount to spend on clothes, she'll learn how to pick out what she most wants, and what she should prioritise.


They'll Wear What You Buy

You, as the parent, are spending your money on your kids' clothes. So it's really annoying if they don't wear what you've spent good money on. Letting them choose their own clothes in the store has a major advantage. You can be sure that they will wear the things you've bought, and nothing will lurk unwanted at the back of their wardrobe.



Many parents with smaller children do daily battle every morning. Their little darling makes a terrible fuss about getting dressed, and so a simple task takes ages. If this happens in your house, consider whether your child wants to choose what they wear. Letting them pick out an outfit will work better in this case, and you will avoid wasted time fighting to get them dressed.


Fitting in

Whether you agree with it or not, children often feel under pressure to dress the 'right' way so that they fit in with their peers. As long as your budget allows it, consider letting them choose the clothes that will help them fit in. High school can be a difficult time, and anyone who is perceived as dressing differently may be picked on.

Ultimately, you as the parent want to make sure that your child is dressed appropriately. You can do this while still allowing them some say in choosing their own clothes. How old were your kids when they started showing an interest in picking out clothes?

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